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Where can one get a meishi made?

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  • Where can one get a meishi made?

    Anyone know where I can get decent meishi (business cards) made at a reasonable price? Is there one particular shop to look out for?

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    Where JR? Japan is a big place.

    If you are in Tokyo, Kinkos is worth checking out. Fast service and reasonable prices.
    Do a Google seach for locations.

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      Thanks mateys..I'm in the Nagoya area. What does the kanban for this 'kinkos' look like? Is it in romaji or kanji? Thanks in advance...


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        kinkos is in romanji because it is an american company. actually it is fedex/kinkos now and they are everywhere. Get an image that you want to use. Make it yourself and it will be a lot cheaper.
        I would use GIMP. it is free and runs on all OSes. Make the image the same size as a meishi and add your text and pictures. Save it. And then save it as a .jpg file. Burn to cd and bring it to Kinkos. It would be a good idea to make it bilingual.
        If you need help send me a message.


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          Thanks mateys, that's great info. I've downloaded that software and I'll start designing the damn thing tomorrow. Thanks again, I say.