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Soy Milk?

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  • Soy Milk?

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if I can buy Soy Milk in Japan? If so what does the packaging look like, I can't read kanji.

    Any help appreciated

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    You can indeed. I buy (bought) it all the time. If memory serves me correctly, the package is green and has these characters on it or something like that. if that's not so helpful, it's called "tonyu". usually in the milk section of the local grocery store.
    sorry if that is absolutely no help at all. it's all i can offer at the moment...


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      you can get it anywhere! if you can't reads the label just look for the little yellowish brown bean shaped piccie on the carton

      full and lite versions are available


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        Soy Milk

        Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Just another ?, is the full and lite versions in different colour packs?


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          I can't read the Kanji...and sorry this won't help much but one of them has more kanji symbols than the someone who can read it lite or full with more?.....


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            If you live near Saitama you can finnish mine off for me. I saw it in the supermarket, thought I might try a small carton. Tasted it and 'Yuck what is the crap!?' The unflavored stuff tasts like crap. Unless you like that healthy stuff, try to find flavored! Not the milk!
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              yeah, in the last few year soy milk has become a lot more available - u can get it in standard sizes and the small (complete with straw)


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                right. it's no *silk* but gets the job done and makes you feel extra healthy for the day.


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                  I have been looking at the soy milk and wondering...... they say its good for us girls cuz its close to female hormones of something.... (be careful guys) of course I expect it to taste like shix but is there a flavoured one that is not so bad?


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           doesn't taste like ____ at all...although some varieties are sweetened in Japan...if that's you thing...

                    try some in your ads a nutty kinda taste...I have it with everything except cereal)...make smoothies with it using fresh fruit...maybe strawberries, 1 egg, 1 table spoon of honey and a little protein powder (if you go tyo the gym...if not cut that one out)...and a tub (or half if not in Japan) of plain acidophilus yoghurt


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                      Soy milk is great tasting, available everywhere, even in the convenience store. The plain unsweetened (the best !!!) milk is usually in a green carton that is bigger than the tall cows milk ones. (same size as UHT milk cartons in UK). It has the kanji on it. You can also buy sweetened stuff which personally i dislike. You can buy small cartons of soy coffee and soy tea in the stores too, but it is loaded with sugar.

                      The best thing: you can get latte, cappucino, americano and machiato with soy milk, hot or ice, from all Starbucks in Japan. You have to add 50yen to the price mind, but it tastes fantastic. Try a hot soy latte with a little honey.....

                      Dotour also do soy milk, but the coffee is not so good I feel.

                      Personally, I drink soy milk because I developed a cows milk intolerence a few years ago which gave me a gurgling stomach. Soy doesn't, but it does go through you a little faster!

                      Good luck.


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                        ok you sold me on it.... from tomorrow smoothies is gonna be beans.... and the coffee too
                        might balance out the caffienne effects....


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                          Costco has vanilla soy milk, but you have to buy a 12 pack which will set you back about 1800yen! It's nice though. 150yen/litre is about the cheapest I've seen it in a Japanese supa, but more like 200yen is usually common. You have to be a member, or go with someone who is a member to shop there.


                          If your stomach's dealing with you, get into the Caspian Sea yoghurt that people often make here at home. You just need to get the yoghurt off someone and you stick it in some full milk. After 8-10hours or so @ room temp it's done. Faster in summer. If it's very cold, like during winter it may take overnight plus a day. It keeps in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. Start a new batch in a new container from that yoghurt. You just need a clean container, no other special equipment. CSY tends to be a bit more honey-like and runny , but if you leave it out a bit longer it will thicken up much more.


                          If you are lactose intolerant, i think you can often still eat yoghurt because the bacteria breaks down the lactose.
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                            Kuro_Kitty, just a question. I'm trying to lose a couple of kilos (5kg) and have been downing the protein shakes. I don't go to the gym but I do walk/jog and do light weights about 4 times a week. I've heard soy milk is a lot healthier but is protein the way to go? Any tips anyone? Thanks


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                              Hey, just watch out for all the other stuff in the protein shakes, like artificial sweeteners and especially high fructose sweeteners. The latter are not going to help you lose weight! Same for soy milk that is sweeetened with fructose.
                              Why not just stick with the real thing, ie tofu, natto, whole grains, etc? Ever seen the amount of protein in 100% soba noodles? Pretty darn good. If you really want the soy milk, you can get it from your neighborhood tofu maker for MUCH cheaper and even have them put it in whatever container you bring--no waste!
                              ps Soy milk with the soy "okara" in it has much more protein.
                              pps Soy is fine for men in whole foods like those mentioned above. The cautions people have raised are about purified soy protien preparations that have like 200g of protein per serving--more protein than anyone needs in a day.