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Playstation 2 Mod Chip

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  • Playstation 2 Mod Chip


    Does anybody know where you can buy a Mod chipped Playstation 2 in Japan.

    Thank you


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    Re: Playstation 2 Mod Chip


    I would suggest searching on internet and ordering online. They are usually cheap so it is not even worthwhile taking a train ride all the way to a shop to get one.

    Above is a link. Search if you want japanese source.

    hope this helps.




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      Re: Playstation 2 Mod Chip

      What are mod chips? Do they let you play games regardless of the designated regions? And what are these called in japanese?
      Currently hooked on 'Boku no Natsuyasumi 2'


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        Re: Playstation 2 Mod Chip

        Check out for all the info you need


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          Re: Playstation 2 Mod Chip

          Hey, are you in touch with others who game on PS2 in Japan? I'm in Osaka I haven't managed to hook up (even by e-mail) with other gamers in one seems to take my messages seriously. I have a US PS2 equipped with the US BB Modem and a number of games....though I haven't found a good online game on the PS2 yet (aside from Twisted Metal Black Online). Anyway, just thought I'd ask since you're one of the few people I've seen on GP that actually mention they play think it was a plague or something! How's your Japanese PS2 treating you?


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            Re: Playstation 2 Mod Chip

            buy a set of swap magic disk with a ps2 flip top case. i have been in japan and i have never heard that someone installs mod chip in japan. the cheapest is



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              Re: Playstation 2 Mod Chip

              Since I dont have any time to play I am currently selling my Messiah-modded PS2 (plays everything except video-DVDs direct). So, you can play PS1,PS2 backups and imports on it, as they were originals. Video-DVDs (except Region2) have to be swapped with an RegionX disc (included). Also included a lot of extras.

              If somebody is interessted just drop a message.
              Pick up in Shibuya.