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Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

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  • Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

    Hello ! Just wondering if you know of any foreign food import shops in Osaka. I am aware of the FBC, though. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. THANKS !

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    Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

    There isnt a lot, but Sony Plaza in Umeda or Tennoji Sta. are good. Other than that....yep, ya gotta take a trip to Rokko Island.


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      Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA


      There are at least three good outlets for foreign food in Osaka.

      1) 'Whah Burashiin' (sp?) in Higashi Senba. It's on the Shinsaibashi Shotengai, about a hundred meters north of Nagahori Dori. It's cheap, too!

      (Plainer directions: from Shinsaibashi Daimaru, walk North up the covered arcade to Parco/Sony tower, cross the big road, re-enter the arcade, 'Whah' is on the right, it has an ugly pink frontage and is always packed).

      2) 'Seijo Isshi' (sp?) in Hankyu Umeda station. Pricey import-supermarket for the moneyed people who live on the Hankyu lines. The ground coffee is good and surprisingly cheap and the selection of cheeses is comfortably the best you'll find outside of the astronomically priced department store food halls.

      3) 'Deli' in the Namba City South building. Trendy import food shop with quite a nice cafe. Advice: if you go to the cafe, avoid the cheesecake, it's too rich and a bit cloying.

      Hope this helps. Happy eating!


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        Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA


        'Whah' is on the LEFT if you're walking North up the shotengai. Sorry.


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          Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

          in the ocat building (follow the signs for ocat in the namba statio) there is cave de yamaya ( i think) on the 3rd floor (not 100% ) sure. it is in there tho so just ask around. look for all the foreigners because its the same building as nova`s multi media centre. i havent been but its got food and heaps of wine from home

          in the shinsaibashi cover walkway thing there is one near bookoff which has lots of chocolates out the front at the moment

          in hep 5 in umeda there is sony plaza too


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            Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

            oops - i went shopping last night and the one in shinsaibashi i was discribing is the pink one (burashiin). they also have some great tops on the second floor - one i loved which said to hold your bleath (instead of breath)


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              Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

              you can get microwave popcorn(ACTII)for 55yen a bag at Japan discount stores.cheaper than the states.


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                Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

                Yep Cave de Yamaya in OCAT is the place to go. Olives, gherkins, taco shells, pasta sauce, basalmic vinegar, cereals, spices, couscous etc mosstly all between 100-300 yen.


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                  Re: Foreign Food shops in OSAKA

                  Let us not forget about Costco. There is a new costco near Sonoda Hankyu line. I do not have a car. So I walk there from the Hankyu station. About 15-20 minutes depending on your leg size. Yes you do have to pay 4000 @for a years memembership but get some friends together and split the cost. I am a cheap so I walk back with about 20kgs of food. My arms have grown I think about 2 cm in the process. But the last time I was there which was last weekend there were 2 taxi cabs waiting to take you to where ever you want.
                  You can pick up 1 kg of cheddar for 900\!
                  That is worth the trip right there!
                  Bring your own bags since that is an added luxury that Costco does not offer.
                  It is quite funny going there seeing the super size grocery carts.
                  Good luck and good eating!
                  Bulk Buyer


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                    Foreign Food

                    Hi Eva,
                    Not sure about American foods but is great for British food and lots of personal care stuff too, like deodorants, shower gel etc.


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                      There are at least twenty foreign food shops in Osaka. You guys just ain't looking or you ain't been here long enough!

                      For a start:

                      1: Yamaya Cave is in OCAT namba station building on the 3rd floor. (cheapest)
                      2: Yamaya Cave also have a new (ish) and twice as big store on the corner of Sakaisuji and Nagahoridori in Shinsaibashi.
                      3: Mercato Piccalo is in the basement of JR Tennoji Station on the way to Tanimachi subway line.
                      4: There is a huge place in the B2 floor of Yodobashi Camera in Umeda near JR/Hankyu.
                      5: Ikari is in JR Osaka station (newly refurnished side opp ticket gate.)
                      6: Seijo Ishii is on the balcony above the Big Man in Hankyu Umeda station.
                      7: Marche in Shinsaibashisuji.
                      8: In Namba City mall, maybe 2nd floor there are two small stores.
                      9: Kintetsu Tennoji B1 Nishi guchi exit there is a Seijo Ishii section.
                      10: Seijo Ishii in Whity Umeda.

                      Foreign Buyers Club is on Rokko Island in Kobe.
                      Kobe Grocers is behind Ikuta Shrine in Sannomiya, Kobe.

                      If you live in South Osaka, there is still Carrefour near Komioike station, like Costco but French, on the Senboku line in Sakai. I think it's closing down this summer though(?).

                      As with all import food shops in Japan, they are all more expensive than home but you could always import stuff yourself or start your own shop.
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