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Lactose intolerant in Kobe

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  • Lactose intolerant in Kobe

    I'm having a surprisingly difficult time finding soy milk - surprising because for some reason I thought it was widely consumed in Japan. I live in Kobe and can't find it anywhere in the shops and have asked around a fair bit. Anyone have any suggestions - I'm dying for a bowl of cereal!

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    Re: Lactose intolerant in Kobe

    i also am lactose intolerant....but im able to find soybean milk at the in kyoto....are you sure u cant find any????


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      Re: Lactose intolerant in Kobe

      Soy milk (, tou-nyuu in Japanese) is available almost everywhere in Japan, even in convenience stores, just ask if you don't recognize it.


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        Poor _______!

        Oh to be denied the joys of milk!!! You can get vanilla, regular and chocolate soy milk at COSTCO. If you can't get out to COSTCO try ordering it from

        They deliver it anywhere in Japan.


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          Soy milk, rice milk, soy cheese

          It's not so cheap, but if you are longing for a cheese substitute, you can get it from Alishan/Tengu Natural foods. Shop online and they will send it to you and then you pay at the post office. The cheese comes in cheddar and mozarella and both are best tasting if melted, as in cheese-toast, bagel-toast, pizza. They also have non-dairy milks, but as the person above pointed out, they have soy milk at almost every market if you know the kanji.