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  • Suits

    I've been searching for a good suit to wear I even looked at the designer suits but everything is made for Japanese people and not western.
    I'm living in Utsunomiya, can anyone suggest where I can buy one.

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    Re: Suits

    A lot fo places can tailor the suits for you. I have heard marui (OIOI) recommended, but have not tried it personally. I jast had a suit tailored at one of the discount places Konaka, but when it first came back it didn't fit right, and I haven't gotten it back the second time yet. I'm about 6' tall and of medium build, and I was at the top of the range of suits they can make.


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      Re: Suits;i=59&t=20

      Why don't you look before asking?


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        Re: Suits

        PJ, If you want a nice suit, I would recommend going to a department store and getting one made to order. Most department stores have something like an "easy-made" suit section where you can select fabrics that you like, and then get a complete set of measurements taken. The options available on fabrics where I buy my suits (Takashimaya in Shinjuku, at their "Easy Made Salon") are wide-ranging, and priced from around 29,000 yen (sometimes less during sale periods) on up to more than 300,000 yen. All but one of the five suits I bought there were just over 40,000 yen, and the fabrics are all imported

        There is a choice from among four main tailoring styles, but you can essentially get a suit made exactly as you want in these places. Repeated fittings are not done, although alterations are available after the suit is completed if there are any problems (takes around 14 days), and all of your personal information is stored to make future purchases easier. I've never had any problems whatsoever.

        No limits on body size, although Konishiki may be forced to buy an extra bolt of cloth. And you really have full control over detailing. Allow for at least 30 minutes for measurements. I've never been a great fan of suits, and always have been glad that I only have to wear one about half the time at work. But in all honesty, getting something in a nice cloth that is tailored to specifically to me has given me a new appreciation for suits -- they actually feel great to wear.

        It's well worth it in my opinion to get something that is high quality, fits, and will last, but still is not ridiculously expensive. And the people at the department store are great, and will not start sucking air through their teeth when they see you (someone who may not fit into a standard Japanese size "M" off the rack) coming their way.

        It's been a while since I've been to Utsunomiya, but I think that you have a Tobu Department Store there. I know that Tobu in Tokyo also has an easy-made suit section similar to the one at Takashimaya.
        Cheers, Hiyodori