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  • Cell Phone Data

    Does anyone here know where I can find data on how many gaijin use a cell phone in Japan? I tried looking at statistical sites, but I could not find any data.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Cell Phone Data

    Sorry, but I took a gander at this and had to reply. If you are doing research for a specific project I couldn't tell you where to look...but if this is just for your trivia question, ask yourself how long have you been here, how many friends do you have, if they have keitai's, multiply by 100 000 and you got your answer which would probably be between 90(high 90's)
    to 100%.

    Even if you have a land line you still have a cell phone. Everyone who gets off the boat here has one by the first month or so. Come on, use you head.

    Again, if this is for paper/project or something, sorry, I can't help you. If not, jeez, what a dumb question.

    good luck


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      Re: Cell Phone Data


      I am doing this for a mock sales presentation for a interview. I choose cell-phones as my product. But the problem is, yes I have a cell-phone and so do my friends. But we all come from rich countries. The majority of foreigners in Japan do not come from the US, Canada, or Europe, the majority come from Asia, Africa, or the Middle East. So, I wanted to have my data as accurate as possible. If I told them that all my friends use a cell-phone, that isn't really probably what kind of statistical proof they are looking for.

      Thanks for whatever you gave me I did not already know.



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        Re: Cell Phone Data

        FYI - all my Asian, esp. Filipina, Thai, Taiwanese and Chinese friends have a cellphone, frequently 2, almost none have landlines, and just a few (10-20%) use a computer for net access. All others I know, Iranian, Pakistani, Korean, Nepalese, Brazilian and Peruvian, have one too. Just about everyone who works in a bar or club or entertainment establishment has a cellphone. The record for an individual in Japan is around 6 phones.( A Japanese lady.)


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          Re: Cell Phone Data

          TH, thanks for the info



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            Re: Cell Phone Data

            I would say the figure is about 90 - 95%. This figure is high because it is very costly to set up a land line. I do know some gaigin that don't have one but chances are the longer the stay the higher the % gets. Some don't get a cell phone until they are here for a couple of months and some after a year. I know one person that didn't get a phone until she was here for 4 years. The cost of a purchasing a cell phone is very low and very easy and can even be done without the use of a credit card.

            Some foreigners in high postions (not teaching) will have 2 phones. One phone is provided by the company for strictly business purposes and the other a personal phone.

            What I would like to see are cell phones that are available for all foreigners in Japan.
            This would include phones that are available with German, French, Italian, English, etc. manuals to make use of the phones more easier to use.

            Here is my breakdown of cell phones (purely speculative)
            Time in country - % with cell phones
            1 month - 25%
            2 months -35%
            3 months - 40%
            4 months - 60%
            5 months - 65%
            6 months - 70%
            7 months - 70%
            8 months - 70%
            9 months - 70%
            10 months - 75%
            11 months - 90%
            12 months 90% -95%

            A peak being at the 12 month phase as most companies at this time renew contracts for another year. This would show stability and more would get a phone.

            To get numbers simply multiply the % by number of foreigners from stats you have compiled of foreigners in Japan.