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In the Market for Digital Camera

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  • In the Market for Digital Camera

    I'm going back to Japan in July and am thinking about getting a digital camera. Nothing too fancy......just something in the Y30,000-40,000 range that is light, compact, and of course takes quality photo's. It doesn't need to be the newest on the market. Few questions first:

    1-Anyone recommend buying the camera in USA before I come? It's been a few years since I have been in Japan, and I am not sure if buying one in Japan will be a real price advantage.

    2-Anyone have a camera that they are really impressed with so far?


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    Re: In the Market for Digital Camera


    I would buy a camera in Japan rather than in the states. I have been looking for a new camera lately and found the prices to be a little cheaper here.

    I bought a really neat little Casio Exilim about a year ago that is SO tiny it fits really well into my handbag. It's face is exactly the same size as my credit card and about 1cm thick. I take it everywhere and use it all the time because it is so convenient. It's only 1.2 Megapixels and cost me about 30,000 however the equivalent models today are 2 or 3 megapixels (it depends how high end you want to go) and range from about 29,000 to 49,000 yen for the super dooper Z3 (which I am gonna get when I upgrade soon) Some of the models have MP3 players so you can download music to your memory card and listen to tunes. All the models take 30 second videos however only the models with the MP3 capability can record sound with the videos.

    The camera is about the smallest quality digital camera you can buy, takes 0,9 seconds to take a picture, takes SD memory cards and has a preview screen on the back so you never need to use the viewfinder. Another good thing is that it has an English mode, so all the functions etc are displayed in English.

    The only things I don't like about it are that there has only a rechargeable battery (ie. you can't use standard batteries such as AA's in an emergency) which means you have to really plan well if you travel for any length of time in an are with a different power supply. Also, it doesn't have any ability to mount onto a tripod.

    Otherwise, it's a great little camera with LOTS of features and I am really happy with it.

    Good luck!



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      Re: In the Market for Digital Camera

      why don't you use the internet who cares if you can't read you can see a pic and the price.


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        Re: In the Market for Digital Camera

        I have noticed taht the color on Olympus is much better than fuji