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Where is my water?

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  • Where is my water?

    Okay I can get everything here...
    In every street corner I can buy five different kinds of hot or cold coffe,
    I can get strawberry sandwiches and um... whipped cream pizza I could make a long list here... well if you live here you know.... but WHY isnt there any carbonated water? How hard can it be? Someone please tell me where to find it.

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    Re: Where is my water?

    go buy some dry ice and make your own.


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      Re: Where is my water?

      you mean perier?
      club soda?
      soda water?
      it's there.
      you have to read at least katakana.
      go to any liquor store.
      any large grocery store chain.
      (don't think dry ice will help, you would need a C02 tank and a mixer)
      problem is nobody drinks it without booze.
      but it's there.


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        Re: Where is my water?

        For sure there is Perier in nearly every supermarket, however I do not pay that price. We usually buy "Soda Water", you can find it where the water is located, and if it is not there it will be with the Booze! It is about \100 per bottle. I think they are 16 oz. These are in every single supermarket, even lawson!

        Good Luck


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          Re: Where is my water?

          Do you know of the international food store on the 3rd floor of the OCAT in Namba? I think it's called Yamaya. They stock everything from alcohol to cheese to spices. They have several kinds of water available. Although stock is always changing, I recently bought one liter bottles of soda for 100 yen. They also have mineral water (imported brands) for about the same price. They are 1.5liters. Perrier is also a bargain at 298 yen for the large bottle.
          As the other writers said, try regular supermarkets. I buy mineral water and soda all the time and have never had a problem buying it. Also try liquor shops.


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            Re: Where is my water?

            ...and there's always Tokyu Hands.