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  • prices

    I'm trying to work out budget for myself when i got to japan and how much of the money earn i should save.

    so can anyone tell me the av. cost of these items

    *A double bed
    *A raido with CD,MD and tape
    *A tv
    *A PC
    *A couch
    *Dig. Camera
    * good blankets and pillows etc...
    * A fridge
    *a coffee table
    *a chair to use when using the PC

    I plan to live in Japan for a long time so i only want to know the prices for brand new products.


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    Re: prices

    From local Japanese budget furniture shop/ PC shop: low-medium quality,

    *A double bed 30-50k
    *A raido with CD,MD and tape 10-15k
    *A tv - 14" 10k
    *A PC - 150k
    *A couch - 10-20k
    *Dig. Camera 15-30k
    * good blankets and pillows etc... 10-15k
    * A fridge - 15-20k
    *a coffee table - 10-15k
    *a chair to use when using the PC 5k

    1k -1,000 JPYen

    But consider using futons, not a bed; small fridge only, as many convenience stores around; secondhand items abound, or from sayonara sales; etc..

    But would not bother until you get here and see for yourself - any budget you make will go to pot after a few nights out!



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      Re: prices

      *A double bed 20,000-40,000 yen
      *A raido with CD,MD and tape 10,000 yen
      *A tv (what size?) 10,000 - 150,000 yen
      *A PC (what bells and whistles?) 200,000 yen
      *A couch 20,000 yen
      *Dig. Camera 100,000 yen
      * good blankets and pillows etc.. (Do you REALLY need prices on these everyday items?).
      * A fridge 50,000-70,000 yen
      *a coffee table (see comments about blankets)
      *a chair to use when using the PC (same as above)

      By the way, most employers provide basic necessities. You can get lots of secondhand stuff easily, too, sometimes for free.


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        Re: prices

        And better check the size of your room/ apartment, before you plan on filling it with stuff!


        And "Glenski" - Kanagawa and Hokkaido seem to be about the same cost!