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English plug ---> Japanese plug

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  • English plug ---> Japanese plug


    Would anyone know where I can get an adapter for an English plug in Tokyo? (name of shop, area, etc.). I have brought my English laptop computer with me, and did not bring an adapter to use Japanese sockets.

    Thank you in advance!


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    Re: English plug ---> Japanese plug

    Any PC-Shop anywhere will have one; J&P, Sofmap, Bic P-kan, PC-World, Yamada, LAOX, etc..

    Any big supermarket or department store with an electrical goods or travel section; Ito Yokado, Daiei, Takashimaya, Mujirushi, Matsuzakaya, Seiyu, Seibu, etc..

    Just go outside of wherever you are and walk, there is bound to be one of these places nearby in Tokyo.


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      Re: English plug ---> Japanese plug

      Just a point that is not so obvious.
      The power is different in Tokyo. Aside from the obvious 110v, it is 60hz and the UK is 50hz. Any complicated electronics ie. laptop power supplies may be affected. Some will be fine, but one way shops sell cheap computer equipment is by selling them with cheaper power supplies, it should have all the power input specifications written on it. It will probably work fine here but when you return to the UK will burn out very quickly.


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        Re: English plug ---> Japanese plug

        Just a second. I got round this problem in a novel way. Even though the power supply (voltage and current) are different, it's not ususally a problem - look at your adaptor. Does it say 50-60 Hertz? 110-250 Volts? Then it's fine. BTW, the current can differ in the UK by as much as 10 Hz! If you're in the Outer Hebrides, the supply won't be as strong as in Central Lahndan.

        BUT most UK plugs have an additional earthing wire (hence the three prongs). Coming out of you adaptor connected to your plug, is it a cloverleaf-shaped female socket, or a figure of eight? If it's figure of eight you're in luck, just use the plug from your kettle or whatever!

        If it's not, go to Akihabara and into the Den den shi. Someone will have an adaptor for your laptop.

        Someone will have it there so just have fun!