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Tickets for music concerts

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  • Tickets for music concerts

    I want to get some tickets to go and see a popular band but the standard ticket shops say that it is sold out.

    Is there anywhere I can go, and probably have to pay an inordinately large sum of money, to buy sold out tickets? Like an equivalent of a ticket agent?

    Or alternatively, is it worth just turning up at the venue on the night - is there such a thing as ticket touts in Japan?

    Thanks for any info, I really appreciate it!

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    Re: Tickets for music concerts

    They have lots of those ticket places around. In Shinjuku there are a couple places I can think of, one that's not so far from the West Exit. Head out the West Exit. Directly in front of you there should be a Mitsui Sumitomo Bank. You want to walk down the street to the left of that (the street thats parallel to the big movie billboards, but on the opposite side of the street). There is one of those shops no more than a couple blocks away in that direction.
    In Ueno there are a couple of those shops too, Head out the Shinokuda Exit (I know the name is way off, but that's what my memory is giving me right now). Walk across the street. You should see a building that says U2 on it. Go down the street to the RIGHT of that building. Its a long street with lots of shops and stuff, but about 10 minutes down there are a couple of those ticket places.
    Usually they are pretty easy to spot, because many people go there. They are also a good place to get discount movie tickets (1200 ~).

    Hope this info helps (or if you can understand my directions at all). Good luck!

    by the way--which concert? Metallica?


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      Re: Tickets for music concerts

      Hey yakkyyak

      Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I should have said I am in Osaka.

      The bands Linkin Park, playing at Osaka Jo.

      Thanks again.