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  • Workmen's outfit

    Hello Dear All,
    I wonder if someone could tell me where is a "workers' clothes shop" in Osaka or Kyoto. I feel strong desire to buy a pair of baggy blue pants and the split toe (tabi-style) SHOES construction workers wear. I am not brave enough (and my Japanese is poor) to approach a construction worker in his brunchtime asking, hey man, where did you get these pants? I remember once seeing a shop from the bus which had an English sign "workers' clothes" but I completely forgot where it was. On a main street, somewhere in central Kyoto.
    I would appreciate any advise, best if you could give me the adress of a shop.
    Thank you

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    Re: Workmen's outfit

    Esaka - in the buildings on the left hand side of the railway tracks going towards Senri Chuo - a few shops there.
    Denden town - towards Billiken tower - lots of places down the covered arcade
    Kyobashi - around the station
    Tennoji station area - lots of places
    Awaza - few shops there

    Any down-town shopping areas have them, just walk around your neighbourhood and look.


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      Re: Workmen's outfit

      This is kind of amusing. I'm not sure why you'd want to wear those pants, but MORE POWER TO YOU!!! I used to wear pretty baggy pants when I used to skate (board, not blade) but nobody can top those parachute ones of the kouji dudes.

      Also, the DIY chain Conan has some pretty standard workwear, overalls and those light green colour and blue pants. I haven't checked the sag factor on them properly but they looked pretty baggy. Conan is everywhere and is a great place, if you don't know it already. You can buy sheets of perspex, rubber insulation, wood, carpet, everything a gaijin in Japan needs to optimise their apartment.

      TH, I didn't know you were from Kansai... and if you're not, how the hell do you know it so well?


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        Re: Workmen's outfit

        Bluedog - we spent around 7-8 years in Osaka. And I get to visit there regularly. Great place. And a few friends have gone home with jika-tabis and pants!


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          Re: Workmen's outfit

          Thanks for the answers! : )


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            Re: Workmen's outfit


            Yes, Konan is beautiful, Konan is DIY heaven, BUT@it only has cheap standard workwear stuff. Rarely do they have any baggy Knickerbockers (that's what they call 'em), but if you really want to cream your Bright Blue Knickerbockers, You shimply must check out Sagyo-gi Heaven (I can't remember the real name of the shop).

            It is on Kitaoji, just west of Shirakawa-doori (1 to 2 blocks in off Shirakawa). It is simply Mahvellous Dahling. Everything for the Rough Dressed man. The only problem is that leg length can be a problem. Waist size is not a problem, but because of certain differences in bodily proportions, what are long baggy ground dragging groover worker pants on them turn into knee length knickers on some of us. I can't wear them becasue of it, and it is tearing me up inside, I tell you. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

            The Pain, The Horror.

            Good Luck.