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  • Furniture and apartment stuffff

    Dear gaijinc.of all shape, sizes and colors!!!!!! and cultures and languagesc.that read Shakespearefs way and between the lines....

    I have been in Tokyo for 2 month. Great people, very fine manners every where, work is a piece of cake with x2 chocolate. I like what I got in to, really. But I can not stand to live in OTEMACHI apartment/hotel any more itfs not much of a social neibeorhoods. The employer has passed his trial periodcand I pass the trial period.

    I am ready to rent an apartment close to Haneda airport (I am an aircraft mechanic) I found something somewhat acceptable in Ota-ku and itfs half furnished (basics, fridge, stove, table, 2 chairs, a bead to be discarded, washing machine, TV) I am ready to shell out 2 to 3, (4) K (USD) to make it relatively a home. IKEA is not opening before 2005 ???? WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE. Any input from you girls... and guys would be welcome. I know where to go if I had 100K but I do not have it (even then) and itfs for 1 year (+).

    Is there any thing like IKEA sort of kind of like somehow kind,'s Tokyo???

    EHcI am from the great white north...(Canada)c.Ehc..hosercc.(but will not have a beer branded bed spread. Nop not the typec) I am more of a polar bear that cooks and enjoy wine...and fixes aircraft.

    Marvin Bélanger

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    Re: Furniture and apartment stuffff

    Nitori - between Isogo and Negishi stations - is a good budget place - huge selection, delivery. Part of complex with Sotetsu Rosen, Yamada Denki.
    10 mins walk from Negishi station


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      Re: Furniture and apartment stuffff

      Wouoo, that is fast...

      Merci, gracias, thank you, danke, Arigato MAN

      I'll check it out..


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        Re: Furniture and apartment stuffff

        trip hop,

        Would be more precise on these stations and city. I am in Tokyo. Please



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          Re: Furniture and apartment stuffff

          Keihin Tohoku line, the blue one from Tokyo, go towards Ofuna, 7-8 stations past Yokohama. All signposted in English.