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Whole wheat bread?

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  • Whole wheat bread?

    Is there such a thing as whole wheat bread in Tokyo?

    I've gone to a dozen different stores where they seem to sell every type of bread out there, provided it's white. I was lucky enough to stumble upon what looks like a half wheat bread, or at least a lighter version of whole wheat in Ito Yokado, but that seems to be it. The only other commercial solution seems to be an off white varitety with what appears to be rice grains in it.

    Even the bakeries that I've visited in the area just seem to carry white sandwich bread that practically screams "Wonder bread" at me.

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    Re: Whole wheat bread?

    Go to smaller bakeries like St. Germain, it is available. Many suermarkets also have it now.
    Ask for 全粒小麦粉のパン
    zen ryuu komugi fun no pan


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      Re: Whole wheat bread?

      Yeah, try one of the proper bakery shops or make it yourself. There is a fair whole wheat bread made in Japan it is about 200 yen for the 6 or 8 slices. I can buy it at SATY, my wife does not like it though. Whole wheat is not popular with Japanese people I think.

      Pompodour (yeah I am sure I spelt that wrong) has many nice breads.

      Tokyo is a big place, where are you looking?

      And there is COSTCO, which will fill all of your bread needs.


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        Re: Whole wheat bread?

        Currently I'm just looking in the area I'm in, Edogawa-ku since I would rather exhaust my current area before moving onto another in search of bread. There are several bakeries around, but one of them seems to be closed whenever I go by and the other one in Ito Yokado is a poor substitute at best.

        The one I did find, is made by "Pasco" (the name of the company), has "Roman Meal" and a generic looking Centurion on the package.

        As for Costco, that is always an option, but it's pretty much a once a month thing unless I go there by bicycle in which it's the better part of a day.

        But thanks for the options, I'll definitely look in on them,