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Milk expiry

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  • Milk expiry

    Hi All,

    Everytime I go to the supermarket the milk on the shelf have a really short expiry date (like 3-5 days). Am I going at the wrong times? Also, sometimes they're out of bread.

    Does anyone know which day is best to buy milk?

    (sorry for the stupid question)

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    Re: Milk expiry

    Depends on the milk.

    Manufacturers protect themselves with a short expiry date in case it goes off (Product liaibility). Also the pasteurisation process is a little different here, it's called flash pasteurisation.

    Milk and other goods are generally delivered daily to supermarkets, often at nighttime/ early morning, whilst convenience stores have 2-3 deliveries a day - small storage space. Either go at a different time, or change where you buy.



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      Re: Milk expiry

      I agree with th and will add there are some "longer shelf life" milk options available (usually 10days, or so) as well as the same type of pasteurized milk found in the West. Look for 65degrees at 30minutes (or ask for "teion sakkin") on the carton; not the 120-130 degrees for 2-3seconds, which is the norm here. I always buy the pasteurized milk and have kept it for a good two days after the "expiration date" on occasion and haven't ever had any gone bad. Perhaps not relevent to your question but as the cartons are only one liter, the shorter shelf life isn't usually a problem.