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  • MP3 players

    The ssalesman at Bic Camera told me I needed Japanese windows to play any of their selection of MP3 players (or at least I think that is what he said, as neither of us spoke each other's languages that well). Is this really true?

    I have my eye on a really nice panasonic one that is reallly cheap here.

    my computer doesnt have a CD rom drive either (it is a cute tablet thing) will this be a problem?

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    Re: MP3 players

    Hi, it could be true, if the driver and software is in Japanese. But I have some strange experiences with salesmen in Japan- they often tell me you need a Japanese computer, but they really don't know. I would guess that if it's an international model, english software would be avaliable.
    You need to find out if the software is on a disk or a cd rom. If it's on a cd rom you must have a cd rom drive. Also check the internet if it has the necessary software.


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      Re: MP3 players

      Japanese MP3 players all use a copy protection system where you must copy the files through a PC program which modifies it so it can play on the MP3 player but can not be recopied. If the player is a Japan model you will need Japanese windows to display the menus in this program, plus you will need to be able to READ the menus in JAPANESE to use it.

      IF the model is also sold for export you MAY be able to find a english version of the software on their website.

      Remember, the player is useless without this software.

      And if you can't download the software, then yes you need a CD ROM .

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        Re: MP3 players


        I don't know what your wants and budget are but I'd recommend a Creative player. I have the NOMAD Jukebox Zen 40 GB. When installing from the CD, it's all in English, from the installation to the transfer-player software. If you download stuff to Japan though, the installation instructions are in Japanese but pretty straightforward. I use the English version on a Japanese OS with only one problem. One menu comes out as mojibake because I can only select "Same as OS language" for that menu but that shouldn't be an issue for you if you have a english OS. I also use third party software that's better than the bundled version. It's all in English and runs on my OS fine. Notmad by red chair software. Costs about $30.

        As well there is no copy protection. You can transfer all types of files to and from any PC. You can even transfer to other players. The one bad thing is that it doesn't work like an external hard drive. You need some type of software to transfer stuff so if you want to transfer files off of a friend's computer, they need some software. Not much of an issue though because the bundled software is free. Just a hassle sometimes.

        Good luck shopping.


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          Re: MP3 players

          The Panasonics do use software and I was told the same thing by several salesmen in Akihabara too-cant use it if you have an English OS. Not sure if they were sure of it though.

          So instead I got a RIO MP3 player. No software. you connect it directly to the pc via the USB ports and upload/remove all that you want. Im really happy with mine.


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            Re: MP3 players

            The Apple iPod at 40 gig is great. and if your system is either English or Japanese it works.