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  • buying a tv...


    I was wondering if anyone can give me any hints about what I should look for in buying a tv in Japan. I've seen ads for multi-system, NTSC, bilingual, etc. I understand that a bilingual TV might be in my best interest, but I'm not sure what NTSC (I thought they used PAL standard out here?) or multisystem means. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: buying a tv...

    Japan is NTSC not PAL.


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      Re: buying a tv...

      Bilingual is just for receiving 2 different sound sources, nothing to do with the picture - E and J would be like left and right on a stereo system.

      NTSC is the broadcasting standard in US, Japan; PAL in Europe, Oz/NZ and UK and their ex-empire; SECAM/ MESECAM in France and parts of Middle East and Africa (French Empire). PAL is technically the best, but NTSC seems now to have a greater following.

      Multi-system is handy if you travel and expect to move the TV with you, or you have moved and have PAL Playstation/ NTSC video etc.. It is usually PAL/ NTSC, though other models cover all available formats. Also nice if family send videos from home, though you should also need a multisystem player to view them. Would also cover DVDs from around the world.

      If necessary, you can also buy a converter (small box) that would do the same if required later.

      BS tuner - is for satellite broadcasting, specifically NHK BS1 and BS2. Handy if you want a satellite dish. CS - SkyPerfect/ Star/ etc needs a decoder/ tuner, and is separate.

      Digital/ Hi-vision are for the wide-angle "scenic" programmes that are increasingly becoming popular. Usually on upmarket models (expensive).

      For Japan, bilingual only is fine, unless you buy the digital TVs. Extras - VCRs often have a BS-tuner, and a multisystem video or DVD will output into whatever TV you have.