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Food budget in Tokyo?

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  • Food budget in Tokyo?

    Hi all,

    Anyone know what a ballpark figure would be for my monthly food costs in Tokyo?

    I'm an average eater (I'm not a big guy...140 lbs). Not looking for anything fancy. And yes, I like (LOVE) Japanese food.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Food budget in Tokyo?

    140lbs wow! thats big mate...


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      Re: Food budget in Tokyo?

      Do you cook, or are you planning on eating out?

      Here's a few costs for meals-

      Cheap cheap stuff-
      Pork and rice bowl + miso soup from Matsuya- 290 yen
      Typical bowl of ramen- 600 yen
      Double cheeseburger with medium fries and drink from Wendys- 580 yen
      Pint of Japanese beer- 500 yen
      Bowl of curry and rice- 600 yen

      Medium stuff-
      Shabu shabu or yakiniku or sukiyaki dinner- 1200 yen
      Sushi plate with 10 pieces- 1000 yen
      Your typical hamburger/chicken teishoku- 800 yen
      Plate of spaghetti- 700 yen

      These are ballpark figures, of course. I typically spend about 1500 yen per day on food, eating out. Produce and meat are expensive here, so I don't find it worthwile to cook, especially if you live alone. I guess you can eat pork rice bowls all day for cheap, but you get sick of it after a while.
      The biggest cash drain for me is going out to izakayas with friends. I easily spend upwards of 3000 yen each time out, on drinks and the finger foods.


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        Re: Food budget in Tokyo?

        Ballpark figure for groceries (not meals out) would be about 30,000 yen/month.