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Wal-Mart questions

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  • Wal-Mart questions

    Hi, can someone help me find the information to the following questions regarding Wal-Mart in America please?

    Size of site area:

    Number of parking spaces:

    Total floor area of buildings:

    Average annual sales of a single store:

    Number of days off a year of the store:

    Average annual profit of a single store:

    Number of employees per store:

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    Re: Wal-Mart questions

    are you just trying to test who's the most bored at work? or is there a higher reason here? i've spent about 30 minutes and cant find a thing.


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      Re: Wal-Mart questions

      Nah, not trying to test ya at all. I really need to find out this info. Can ya help me out and show some gentleman quality?


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        Re: Wal-Mart questions

        Try here: only US$ 500!

        And for free....

        And for fun:


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          Re: Wal-Mart questions

          yeah, you can get the annual report online at


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            Re: Wal-Mart questions

            well, here's part of the answer to your question. finding the number of parking spaces may be impossible on the internet. annual profit seems to only be listed for regional or worldwide figures. i am so bored. kill me.

            Wal-Mart Discount Stores
            Wal-Mart now has more than 1,600 discount stores in the United States. The discount stores range from 40,000 to 125,000 square feet, employ an average of 150 associates and offer 80,000 different items.

            Wal-Mart Supercenters
            Wal-Mart Supercenters today number more than 1,300 nationwide and are open 24 hours a day. Supercenters range from 109,000 to 220,000 square feet, employ between 200 and 550 associates and offer 100,000 different items, 30,000 of which are grocery products.

            Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets
            First opened in 1998, the now more than 30 Neighborhood Markets range from 42,000 to 55,000 square feet. Neighborhood Markets employ 80-100 associates and offer about 28,000 items.

            SAM'S CLUB
            Ranging from 110,000 to 130,000 square feet, the more than 530 SAM'S CLUBS nationwide follow a 1-2-3 business philosophy. Each SAM'S CLUB employs an average of 125 associates and offers approximately 4,000 different products.


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              Re: Wal-Mart questions

              gentleman quality,

              You have shown some full on gentleman qualities! Thanx bra! You just shot up a buncha notches in my cool book!

              Thank you very much as ALWAYS to you too trip_hop & swordfishtrombone.


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                Re: Wal-Mart questions

                Somewhat related: Has Wal-Mart gone to Japan yet? I've heard of something called Donkey Hotei (not sure of the spelling), and the sounded similar to Wal-Mart's aisles-o-Chinese-imported-crap layout. I'm wondering if they're owned by Wal-Mart...


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                  Re: Wal-Mart questions

                  word to the mutha.