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  • Marmite

    Does anyone know where I can buy marmite around Tokyo and the Yokohama area. I know some websites, but I need it asap so your help would be much appreciated.


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    Meidi-ya Roppongi or National Azabu supermarket - where all the corporate expats and diplomats live.

    Kinokuniya supermarket in Kamakura.

    Foreign Buyers Club - website?


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      Originally posted by trip_hop

      Foreign Buyers Club - website?

      Foreign Buyers Club in Kobe


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        This being a civilised land, they have officially forbidden the introduction of such noxious substances, afraid that the Natives might develop a taste for it, and degenerate into a nation of pot smoking surfers who work hard enough to enjoy life but refuse to kowtow to the vagaries of rapacious capitalist enterprises that use, abuse and discard them like toilet paper at a Maalox Lovers conference. God Forbid. Long live Puritanism with a Confucian Twist.


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          If you`re in Yokohama station, go into Seijo Isshi (The sign says `Better Days`.) Pretty much directly across from the Keikyu line entrance.

          They have lots of stuff (mostly expensive) ... Marmite, basmati rice, tortillas, lots of cheese, cilantro, imported tea, Italian sauces and pasta.... lots of breakfast cereal, too.


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            Do you know if they have any good FRESH Mexican ingredients there?


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              In a pinch, I like to spread natto on my toast and then maybe add a few banana slices. You experience a burning sensation very similar to the one you receive from marmite and I hear it's good for warding off STDs...


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                FRESH Mexican ingredients

                Excuse my freshness, but even assuming that the place in Yokohama HAS fresh Mexican ingredients, I can't see how it could be of much benefit to YOU, a resident of Kansai. Are you perhaps inquiring on behalf of some Mexican friends living in Yokohama? Maybe collecting trivia for Kanto ____tail parties? Whatever the reason, your thirst for knowledge does you credit.

                No need to reply, Kurochan, as there was no need to post...It's just that I checked your posts per day average and turned green as guacamole with envy.


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                  food for listening to Ry Cooder

                  What are you looking for, Kurogane?

                  Seijo Isshi has a tiny amount of Mexican stuff... but that`s where I usually go for fresh cilantro. Sometimes I have to go to the grocery store in World Porters for it, though. Both places have flour tortillas and some canned/dry stuff.

                  I`m still having some stuff shipped from Canada, like Fantastic foods Vegetarian Chili Mix and canned chipotles. I got some dried chipotles from a guy living on base... but they`re like gold here. Not sharing. Same with my remaining can of mole sauce.


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                    Thanks. As sincity noted, I was thinking of here in Kansai, and that seems to be out of the question.

                    Umm, yup. As for the ridiculous number of daily posts, yup. Call me Minister of Hima. Or Grand Master of Hima. Your choice.


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                      sincity, that was a pretty funny post. I believe we should see more like that, not vindictive, just pert-ass and pertinant. I don't know why I thought it was so funny, but I did. It may be related to my neurosis of the megalomania minora, a very debilitating condition.

                      I had some bad mexican last night too. Who needs fresh when you've got refried beans?

                      Another tip, on hearing that the mexicans actually use lime to keep flies off their beer and to make a bad beer taste better, I tried putting a slice of lime into a crappy Happoushu and guess what? It tastes like a corona for 1/3 the price. Nice one bluedog, is what I said.


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                        You da man, man. I may have to try that. But first I would have to start drinking Happoshu, and that is a line I am not yet ready to cross. Nice horizontal logic, though. Extra Pocky for you. No ____, yet, though. So sorry.
                        PS you don't actually call yourself Bluedog when talking to yourself, do you? That would worry.


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                          "Bluedog when talking to yourself, do you?"

                          I keep a nice line between gaijinpotland and the real world. Hell, not only do I not call myself Bluedog in the real world, I rarely spout the kind of BS that flows so easily online. My wife would beat the bejesus out of me, for one thing. She does, however, know my GP name and sometimes reads what's there. She's never said anything nice about it but she hasn't left me yet either (touch woody)