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  • a little dream

    I had a dream last night that Raisin Bran, Lucky Charms, and Count Chocula were freely available at my local soopa. When I woke up, I felt like diving in front of the Chuo line when I re-realized that I would be eating mueslix again for the five hundredth time in a row.

    Does anybody in TOkyo know where to buy cereal besides Corn Flake, Fruits Loop, and Mueslix? I'm dyin' here.

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    I don't remember if Yamaya or Don Quixote had any foreign cereals... I'm sure the two Costco's sell it (Machida and Makuhari). Carrefours might too.

    Good luck finding yer Lucky Charms. People are always after mine.


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      What about one of those online food importer type thingies?
      Frankenberry on, Dood.


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        I had a terrible childhood, but Captain Crunch got me through it. Sir, wherever you might be, I salute you.

        Doll up your cornflakes with bananas, strawberries and a few scoops of ice cream.


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          I am the proud owner of an official Captain Crunch t-shirt, received upon the submission of the appropriate number of boxtop labels. Being a Canadian shirt, it actually says "Capitaine Crouche". Is that more cooler, or less cooler?

          DO you feed the 1000 Captain Crunch in the morning?


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            The Capitaine is tres chic!

            The Captain should have his own line of clothing. And in that case, I think you'd wanna use the French moniker.

            In answer to your query: very few of them ever make it to breakfast.

            And to think that this thread was originally so wholesome...


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              OOPS! I did it again. Okay, back to The Family Hour Mode.

              BTW, that "very few of them ever make it to breakfast." has a mildly creepy ring to it. You might want to save it for impressing Charisma Man's Arch Enemies.


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                ice cream on corn flakes is revolutionary..

                never thought of that.

                let me tell you what though, frozen raspberrys on bran flakes was damn good.

                that "country morning" cereal is good, but i can eat the entire box in one serving.. Do japanese people eat it by hand or something? i dont get how they could sell it in such a small box.

                btw, costco sells only frosted flakes, corn flakes, and some crunchy granola stuff . the box sizes are bigger, but dont cost any different than a regular soopa.

                the online cereal is out of the question, as it costs about 1000 yen after shipping for one box.


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                  Point well taken about "Country Morning" being undersized, but I'm able to fool myself by using a small spoon & bowl. I also supplement the cereal with a hot dog and miso soup or yoghurt. It's important to start the day with a balanced meal. And there's a certain thrill in dipping your dog into the miso.

                  The yoghurt, incidentally, can also be added to your cereal. It's better for your teeth & tummy than ice cream. Save the ice cream fix for those mornings when you've got the pasties from excessive drinking.


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                    As a dedicated cereal hunter, the biggest range of cereals and muesli that I have found in Tokyo is at Nissin in Azabujuban. It's just a few minutes walk from the subway station (Oedo and Namboku lines). You can definitely get your fix of North American and Euro zone cereals there.

                    Captain Crunch must have missed Oz. We were "Wheat Bix" kids down there.
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                      Frustrating dream

                      My dream last night had all the vices in it... but nothing made me so happy as when they was a promotion and free burritos were being given away. So I went to the place where the burritos were being offered, ordered 2, and just as my giant burritos, filled with all the nicest veggies and meat, were brought to me, and I got ready to take my first bite... snapped out of it and woke up.

                      Seriously though, I love burritos, anywhere in Japan (Osaka) that you can find the damn things?


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                        dont know about Osaka, but for Tokyo...

                        yes yes. i feel your pain. i used to eat at "Burritios as big as your head" at least once a week back in college. sorry, don't know for Osaka, but Tokyo people please make use of the following list of mexican cantinas:

                        La Cassita in Daikanyama (,

                        Los Fiesta in Roppongi, (

                        Taco Delio in Shinjuku (

                        Tacos Del Amigo in Ochanomizu (,...0.1N35.41.44.5)

                        there's one i went to in Shib once too, on the south side towards Daikanyama, over near Dennys. can't remember the name tho.

                        Taco Delio is kinda fast food, but tastes much better than El Torito and cheaper.


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                          mmmm...... tacos.....

                          can you give directions to taco derio in english (or at least a good landmark)? The website is all in Japanese (go figure...) and I am functionally illiterate here.



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                            for taco delio- go out Shinjuku-sanchome station exit C4 and go left for 2-3 minutes, and its on your left next to Matsuya and ビビンパ. if you're walking from JR Shinjuku east exit, go to the street that alta is on, turn right and walk about 10 minutes. its the same street, just a little further down. its still on the left next to Matsuya and ビビンバ.


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                              Ah, got my girlfriend on the case, and now we'll be going to a Mexican restaurant on Friday. It better be authentic...