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Bagging Groceries

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  • Bagging Groceries

    ok, so I had a unique experience today at the grocery store in that the check-out lady bagged my groceries for me. During my countless visits to several grocery stores, this has never happened to me before, and it's not like she did it for other people on line, just me. What gives? Did she think I was too dumb to bag my own groceries, is this some sort of odd gaijin discrimination? Is there some secret sign to get them to bag your groceries for you, or do they just do it sometimes when they're bored?

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    Bagging Groceries

    I'm still trying to understand about that myself. For me, I guess they would only bag the frozen items for you, but I've been shopping at Hankyu Oasis in Osaka. Maybe each store is different. Your guess is as good as mine. I've finally got the hang of placing the money on small trays, rather than directly giving it to the checker.


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      Racist check-out ladies,

      the scourge of supermarkets. To escape their arbitrary & insulting acts of kindness, I now shop exclusively at convenience stores. Everyone gets treated equal at good ol' Seven Eleven.

      You think too much, and that is not a good thing when living (or shopping) in Japan.

      Check-out ladies will sometimes bag your groceries for you if there's no line or if you've only purchased a few things. Or maybe she thought you were cute...Smile when she bags them for you and you'll really make her day.

      My advice to you is to turn down your discrimination detectors (from ultra-high) and accept Japanese kindness in the same spirit that it's offered.


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        freebies/ saving the environment?

        At my local supermarket, customers are encouraged not to use bags for carrying groceries or to bring their own. Each time you buy goods and do NOT get issued a bag, you get a stamp in a small point card. Fill the card, and you can get discount the next time.


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          Cool observation. I have been running hypotheses on this for a while. My impression is that it is related to the number of items and the size of the line, as someone mentioned. Mind you, one young women at my local shop always bags them for me. Then gives me one of those heartwarming smiles. Kokoro nuku nuku I can't see any form of discrimination (positive or negative) being involved here.


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            How's it going? OK I hope.
            In our neighborhood, we have a Pea____ (Daimaru) store and they will give you five points for using your own (brought in) bag.

            I'm not sure if I can read any sign of discrimination in what you experienced. This has happened to me on occasion but it usually has been when the cashiers are not busy and they will help you out. In Tokyo Kinokuniya - I only go there occasionally; too expensive for my tastes- does have baggers. Hey - maybe she liked the color of your eyes? I agree with sincity - smile and say thank you. Put a little sunshine back into someone else's life.

            My $.02 worth.