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  • Kool Keith

    Does anyone know where I can get kool keith cd's? like Dr. Octagon or Physcoanylisist?

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    where are you? That stuff is not so common, but it's around if you go to some second-hand places. Or even stores like Tower records sometimes have a few things like that. The big tower records and hmv stores are so big that you can find some surprising stuff there sometimes. In Osaka, there's a store in Nipponbashi near the centre of the main street (den-den town) called Disk Jockey or something and they have some strange old beats in there. They also have Rick astley, but you can't love Dr Octagon without appreciating Rick "never gonna give you up" Assley.


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      i thought kool keith was a dr. octagon album.

      why don't you try amazon? buy it through and you don't pay international delivery!

      paging dr. octagon....


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        kool keith

        kool keith is the mc on Dr. octagon.....i think q-bert is the d.j. and prince paul is the producer if i'm not mistaken......Deltron 3030 was the followup album but it was not as good.......also I am in BFE Aichi so no I can't just go to the local HMV...there is no HMV......But when i was in tokyo i went to shibuya HMV and they didn't have it
        ................theres a horse in the hospital........nurse we need you in room 5.....oh fu$k it he's dead


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          Girl let

          Girl, let me touch you there I wanna feel you....
          Girl let me touch you there......I wanna tell you what`s wrong



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            "Earth People, New York to California."
            "Half Shark-Alligator, half man."