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  • Low Carb Foods

    I am living in Nagoya and I am looking for low carb/sugar free foods. Any suggestions? FBC has been a pain in the butt because they never have what i want in stock and such. I am on a low carb diet and my parental resource for sending me stuff is getting tired of it... HELP!

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    I thought that the low-carb diet fad was beginning to die off.
    My advice is, since you are in Japan, forget about American diets, and counting your carbs, and begin to learn something about the traditional Japanese diet.
    Did you know, for example, that Japanese green tea has MINUS CALORIES -- that's right, you lose weight just by drinking it!
    There are plenty of other foods and drinks in Japan which have this kind of weight-loss property.
    If you subsist on a diet of sushi, tofu, rice, green tea, Japanese vegetables, seaweed, etc -- then it is almost impossible to put on weight. And while the low-carb diet is just this year's fad, the traditional Japanese diet has proved itself over hundreds of years -- it really gets the results health-wise.


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      It's not a fad to cut down on carbs. Just don't be extreme and go without, you need carbs to boost energy levels. Just stick to the browns instead of the whites. In the past I have found this type of diet especially useful for an all over healthy feeling as well as a little weight loss. I have recently told many students abput this type of diet, at first they think they can't g without white rice, but once they change over to brown rice they find they a losing weight petty steadily every week. One of my students has lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks.

      Try this website

      It's actually a health/organic food store in Japan that deliver all over Japan. i haven't ordered from them yet but I've seen their menu/food list and they have plenty of brown rice, rye bread, nuts, legumes etc and lots of healthy sounding food and other stuff.


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        Kuro Kitty, thanks for the origanic site. Ive already checked it out before. They are wonderful for brown rice, and I must say their products are VERY tasty! The site has been wonderful for whole grains, something i find difficult to get a wide variety of in super markets.Thanks for the helpful suggestion!

        And code rot, in case you dont understand english i will say it a little more clearly. I am looking for low carb AND sugar free foods here in Nagoya... I dont believe i asked you for your opinion of what diet I should do, thats what my TRAINER is for.... maybe there are other reasons besides weight loss for wanting sugar free things and low carb foods... Light weight training...muscle building... sensitivities to sugars... but thanks for coming out....


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          The reason I eat low carb foods is because I'm insulin resistant, not because I want to lose weight. Changing from whites to browns is great, especially with bread and rice. I just wish there was more fruit available in Japan, most of the fruit I buy is over-priced and under-tasty.


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            Great to hear that you're following a low carb diet!!! (and to everyone who wrote negative remarks, there are 24 million Americans, plus Australians etc that are following it). I don't think that low carb is for everyone, nor is a diet low in fat etc. Everyone is different. I follow a low carb diet and have never felt better!! But that's another story..... "Where to get low carb??" Forget foreign buyers as they are way too expensive. If you haven't tried then I suggest you check it out!! They have a 20% store wide sale at the moment. They also offer postage to Japan for USD$49.95, no matter how much you order. I usually spend $700 or so at one time and the items last for 6 months. I've also just placed an order with 'Keto foods', who are changing their packaging on some items so are offering the in-stock items at bargain prices. I haven't received that order yet, though I have had keto foods before and they are great!! (especially the pasta!!) try this Happy low-carbing!!!


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              by the way, ebay has quite a few sellers that have low carb stuff at bargain prices.


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                reduced carb eating

                I have been on a reduced carb diet and have lost alot of weight. It is possible to succed with this diet in Japan without buying expensive food items on-line or having them shipped over . The only time I enjoy Atkins or other brand foods is when I travel to the US or Canada (about 6 times a year) and fill my suitcases!

                You can easily enjoy a low carb lifestyle in Japan.

                hard boiled eggs
                biled pork or chicken
                tsune (chicken balls)
                yakiitori (no sauce)

                Wendy's salads
                Ceaser salad from TGIFridays


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                  Low Carb Foods

                  Try They're much better than FBC and cheaper! I needed some stuff when I was in Australia and I got everything I ordered.


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                    online shopping

                    this site delivers to Japan
                    it has a whole low carb section and advertises big discounts