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The American Wants Hamburger

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  • The American Wants Hamburger

    You know... I think the people at the bentoo shop at Handai are racist. They assume that because I'm American, I must want the hamburger bentoo, no matter what I say. On most times when there's a choice of bentoo, and one of the choices is hamburger, I usually seem to get hamburger, despit ordering the other choice. Keep in mind this isn't because of bad Japanese, every time hamburger isn't an option they get my order just fine. I even point to the bentoo that I want usually, and today a Japanese collegue was there with me and saw this happen.

    Anyway, by the time I realize the mistake I'm usually back at the lab and it's too late. So, why does the lunch lady assume that because I'm American I don't actually want the ٓ, even though I say so? Are we American supposed to like our beef that much?

    Oh, and the hamburgers are usually crap. Had to put one down today instead of some other fried thing...

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    Whenever things like that have happened to me in Japan i would usually just do the tourist thing and talk to them really slowly and loudly and reorder. But that being said I usually feel when I am being stereotyped it gives me the right play into the obnoxious american role.


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      Take a pill. I've never been to the bento shop in Handai nor do I think it's worth a special trip, but I have no doubt that I could get the tuna head bento if that's what I wanted. Of course I'm Canadian which probably makes all the difference.

      Next time use your crayons to draw a picture of a big shiny red, white and blue fish and show it to the lunch lady. Problem solved.


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        Max, while I don't know these people I doubt they're doing it maliciously. Personally I feel they're just ignorant, or maybe a lot of Americans order the hamburger bento and they're just used to grabbing that box when confronted by a non-Asian face.


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          why not just double check what they give you and if it is the burger INSIST they change it, the Japanese are known as providing good service and in any case it is your money so you deserve to get what you want (and if you only wanna hamburger all the time you couldaa stayed home right?


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            fail to see how hamburger can be racist. Stereotypical maybe, but racist?

            see it this way, there foreign clientell probably orders hamburgers the most. Some of us gaijins can't coop with too much Japanese food.

            you see it as racists, I see it as they catering to the most popular and for above mentioned reason the most logical choice.

            just say "no thanks, fried shrimp with eyeballs please".


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              Back to my thread for the first time. I don't actually think they're racist, I was being a bit sarcastic. I really does kind of irritate me though. Only because they put it in a bag and I don't want to have to open it up and check it before I get back to my lab. At that bentoo stand all the food is actually pretty tame, in terms of being gaijin friendly. I think the hamburger is one of the least gaijin friendly things, being a far cry from a good, western burger. I be so thrilled if I found an authentic American-style diner.


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                When I don't get what I ordered, I feel a kind of pressure to just eat whatever they brought me. It's as if, since I'm not Japanese, the mistake must be mine. I get a feeling from people sometimes that this is the proper thing to do. It could be paranoia...