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Looking for certain items.

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  • Looking for certain items.

    Okay, moving next week. I got the car, I got the appliances and furniture to be delivered and I'm looking forward to getting my own kitchen where I can really get to work.

    The question is, I've never seen any of these items sold in Tokyo. I would assume they're available somewhere, even if it's a foreign food market like Meidi-Ya. But does anybody know if it's possible to find (and this is so anti-climactic, but they're necessary for certain recipes) Campbell's Tomato soup and Consomme?

    The first is the final ingredient to a pasta-sauce, the second is a very nice addition to some French Onion soup.

    I prefer not to have to go through something like the Foreign Buyers Club, but if that is the only source, then that's the only way to go.

    Any help would be appreciated, and I'd be willing to share my recipes with anybody willing to listen.

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    Try the Fuji chain of supermarkets.

    My local has both of these, plus their minestrone and potage.

    Or, contact their HO
    Freedial: 0120 801639
    Shibuya-ku, Ebisu2-36-13 Hiroo SK Building

    In fact, I am reading this now off the very back of a can of Campbell's tomato soup.


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      Thanks Trippy, you're a veritable fount of information.


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        And thank you from me too...I've been craving Campbell's tomato soup for ages...


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          I could swear I just saw one or both of those at my local Yamaya...


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            Originally posted by smeagol
            And thank you from me too...I've been craving Campbell's tomato soup for ages...
            I used to drive past their factory in Kings Lynn...always looked old and dirty from the outside.

            Hope that's stopped your craving.