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100 yen stores

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  • 100 yen stores

    can someone tell me where the big 100 yen stores are located in Tokyo? directions from the train station would be helpful if you happen to know them. Thanks

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    There is a huge one in Harajuku, on Take____a (sp?) Dori, directly across from the train station.


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      There is another large one in Shinjuku- adjacent to the Seibu Shinjuku station in the PePe Building on he 8th floor.


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        Also in Kinshicho about a 1 minute from the station !


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          In general I didn't know it was ever hard to find these things. I'm in Osaka, and they are everywhere there. If Tokyo is the same there should be at least 1 within a couple minutes of any station in a shopping district. And you can always ask someone where the "Hyakkin" is.


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            they are talking about the HUGE ones in tokyo. they dont even compare to the osaka ones!


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              My 105 yen store isn't very big but they have a surprisingly wide selection of underwear and brassieres. My gf and I take a strange pleasure in wearing them. After a couple of kamikazes my gf will turn to a complete stranger and ask him to guess the price of her panties. When she tells them 105 yen, everyone is surprised. And we all know how Japanese people love to be surprised. They should be renamed Bikkurijin.

              Oh and be sure to buy your razors at these places. I used one once and hair no longer grows out of my face.


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                If you really want one, one of the biggest I know of is on Take____a Dori in Harajuku. Gte off at Harajuku Station, take the Take____a Dori Exit and go down Take____a Dori, and er, it's there on the left about 50 m down.

                But here's a radical idea... how about, not using one!?

                Things don't cost 100 yen to make and ship. If something costs 100 yen and comes from China, Taiwan, or American manufacturers in Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya... or let's face it if something costs 100 yen and comes from just about anywhere for that matter, it means somebody's grandmother is getting arthritis working backbreaking hours with no labour safety standards, or somebody's kid's working under similar conditions and drinking polluted water... etc etc, plus the product you are buying will not last very long and then it will contribute to the ever growing landfill problem or be incinerated to add to the dioxins already floating around your lungs, or 'recycled' by being sent back to China to be stripped by... you guessed it, those very same poisoned grandmas and kids...!

                Plus of course, it'll be made from cheap brittle plastic, further fuelling the global oil overexploitation, or from exploited virgin or unreplanted rainforest in Malaysia or Indonesia.

                So how about not exploiting somebody else in another country if you can help it, and buying a more expensive durable product from a relatively reliable source (just about anywhere else except Seiyu)?

                Rant over!

                Just a thought !

                Happy shopping!