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clothing for 1.90m hard too find?

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  • clothing for 1.90m hard too find?

    Hello all,

    I am coming to Japan for a few years and I am wondering how hard it will be to find clothes for a guy of 1.90m, and shoe size 44? Will I be able to find decent clothing in that size in Tokyo, or should I just try to take as much with me as possible?


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    I have found clothes that fit me at Uniqlo

    A cheap gap like store. I am 190 in height also. I have found long sleeve shirts and pants that fit me
    As far as your shoe size. Was that a typo? 44cm?? Plus there are a host of big and tall type stores all over Japan. But I think it would probably be a good idea to stock up before you come. Since it can be frustrating at times to find things that fit. I take a 30cm shoe. It is a real pain to try and find shoes that fit me here. It can be done. But when ever I return to the motherland I stock up on shoes and clothes
    The Zep


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      No...I meant 44 (European number), which is 11 in the US. I will stock up as much as I can..... thanks....


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        Sleeve length

        If your tall and have gorrila type arms finding shirt sleeves that go to your wrist can be a pian here. Yeah I am also equipped with size 30, US11 or 10 and I am going home to buy shoes. The big and tall shoes sold here are budget uncomfortable and far too easy to destroy. I want Docs.


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          I kind of forgot to mention that

          I am of rather slight build. 190cm and 77kg. So I do not have the problem with the arms. If you are tall and lean Uniqlo will have something to fit you. But I have to agree with Spaghettitarzan that the big and tall shops over here are very pricey. Best to stock up at home.
          The Zep


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            Im not fat!!

            Yeah uniqlo is good. Im am long armed tho not generally of gorilla disposition


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              No worries Spaghettitarzan

              But when you stated you had arms like a gorilla. I was thinking big hairy pipes hahaha
              Maybe you should have said orang-utan/orang-outang. A member of the ape family but with exceptionally long arms.
              The Zep


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                EU 44\US10-11, eh?

                There is one shop I know of in Shinjuku called Hikari shoes that specializes in bigger sizes. Most of their stock is 27-30 CM, but they carry basketball shoes (gotta love Converse one-stars) and truly ugly-ass business shoes up to a 34cm in a few styles. There's no bargains, but it costs about the same as mail order + international shipping, and may be the only place I've ever seen geta shoes in non-puny sizes.

                And it's right across the street from a Sakazen (there's a few in Tokyo), all of which have a "big and fat" that goes up to around 198 cm tall and well into the sumo sizes for width. Definitely falls into the "pricey" catagory, though.


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                  Guz, it can be really hard to find anything in your size outside of Tokyo, and as others have mentioned, even in Tokyo you won't have many options in your size so if you buy clothes here beware, they might not be the style you like at all. Generally speaking anything modern and well cut seems to come only in small sizes: jeans will be too short for you, sneakers and shoes too small, sleeves too short, and t-shirts, even if large enough, might show your belly button.

                  As a woman, I am frustrated of seeing all the cutest shoes in the shop windows and only being able to fit into men's sneakers. Have been known to spend a lot of time sewing extra length onto jeans and I'm not even tall by western standards (in the west I have to spend that time making hems shorter...).


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                    resonable places in Tokyo?

                    This has been an interesting thread. Some good replies. However, I feel like I have no clue about decent places to go to shop. In Boston, I could just go to the mall and shop at Filene's or JC Penny or Macy's and buy quality suits from major name brands for under $300 each.

                    On the "where do you shop for work gear" thread people were mentioning places like Nikku, Ko-nan, and such, but I've never seen them near where I live (Ayase station, Chiyoda line, Tokyo).

                    I'm 180cm, broad shoulders, big feet, thin but athletic build. I'm currently trying to find suits for about 30,000 yen that actually fit me. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend specific stores near specific stations?

                    Thanks a lot.


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                      Sakazen ( has a couple stores in/around Tokyo, with addresses and maps on their homepage, and if you catch a sale, you can probably get a suit or two for around 30,000.

                      There's another shop called "F-one Suits" that claims to do custom-tailored suits for reasonable prices, but I've never tried them out. I saw one across from the Takakuwa Building in Hamamastucho (1-18-13 Hamamatsucho), Minato-ku.

                      Good luck, eh?


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                        how about

                        Thanks. Sakazen and F-1 Suits... I'll take a look. Although, prices on the Sakazen site looked ridiculous.

                        I found another thread last night in which someone mentions off hand. I didn't think much of it at the time, but on a whim I visited the site and was stunned to see the stuff they have available for order--including custom or tailored fit suits and shirts--for very reasonable prices. Looks like a total (including intl shipping) of under $300. Woo-hoo!

                        Has anybody tried them?



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                          Sakazen is called 'Zenmall' on the streets. I think it's a good shop with many styles and budgets. There're two in Harajuku, one in Shimokitazawa, one in Shibuya... all over the place.

                          For reasonable suits you can also go to The Suit Company which is springing up all over the place.

                          Shoes are a bigger problem... there are many shops in Ueno that do the main sweatshop brands of sneakers though, fairly cheaply and in large sizes.