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those embroidery bomber jackets????

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  • those embroidery bomber jackets????

    has anyone else seen japanese guys with those black embroidery bomber jackets on? usually on the back there is a map of japan and it says something like "mt.fuji" or "kanegawa" in embroidery. i want to pick one up for my brother but have no idea where to find them. any info?

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    the ones with the diff coloured sleeves and made of satin? looks like gangwear from the 70's?

    i see them everywhere now too, even for kids. how cute.

    in stores, i see them everywhere that you can find apparel for young men. they go for anywhere from 4000-20000 yen.


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      I think they are originally from Yokosuka, and there are quite a few shops selling them in Yokosuka Chuo. You can have them custom-made, too. (Of course there must be other places... but that's the only place I've seen them.)


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        Across the street from the end of Take____a dori in Harajuku, there is a back street (I think the literal translation of the sign is Harajuku Back Street, correct me if I`m wrong), and one of the shops on this street is called Dorobou Nikki. They not only have really beautiful bomber jackets, but all their clothing is inspired or made with fragments of kimono/Japanese print fabric. Really beautiful stuff.