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Is Nicotine addictive ? and if so , shouldn't congress ban it as a bad drug?

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  • Is Nicotine addictive ? and if so , shouldn't congress ban it as a bad drug?

    Many argue that Nicotine hasn't been proven to be addictive. However, the scientific community has evidence that suggest that not only is nicotine addictive but it is also the cause of many chronic diseases.

    Question: If nicotine is such an addictive drug then why doesn't congress ban it as an illegal drug ?
    If it's not considered addictive or bad then shouldn't congress legalize drugs such as marajuana ? What's your take ?
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    Gambling is also addictive, and gambling is the cause of a common chronic disease known as being a broke-ass bum. If you're talking about congress, it's not their job to decide what's harmful to the American public. It's congress' job to decide what benefits the corporations that are giving them money. In a real democracy something that is only harmful to oneself shouldn't be illegal. It should be every citizen's choice what to do with his or her own life as long as there are no adverse effects on others. But then, half of Americans believe that the government should legislate moral behavior...