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Jobs for the Bad Boys.

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  • Jobs for the Bad Boys.

    I'm no Einstein, but I sure as hell ain't no George Bush either, so why am I so confused about the way some jobs are dished out?

    When applying for a job, you figure that you should emphasize your qualities and leave out any "awkward" incidents that might lead to an unfavourable image in the eyes of a potential employer. For example, what are known in Human Relations jargon as, "Minor issues", say, rolling up to work with a hangover, photocopying your butt cheeks at an office christmas party, putting a dent in the company car while parking, etc, wouldn't look good on your resume.

    What are referred to in such circles as, "Major Stuff-ups", say, sexual assault on a co-worker, misappropriation of company funds, burning the bosses house down etc, you' figure would be best hidden, if possible, when looking for a new job.

    Likewise, if your indescrepencies had extended a tad further, lets say, an illegal and universally discredited invasion of another country leading to massive loss of life and property, widespread murder and torture by people under your command etc, you'd think you'd be hard pressed to escape without a death sentence, let alone ever find another job.

    This seems obvious even to someone outside the HR industry, doesn't it?

    Apparently those responsible for vetting new recruits at the World Bank aren't reading the papers, coz they've just given their top job to paul wolfowitz, the US deputy secretary of state.

    OK, so I don't know how big this particular institution is, I've never even seen one of their ATM's around here, but judging from their name, they aren't some back street loan shark run by a guy called Jimmy the Hook.

    Clearly they have some kind of pretty radical positive discrimination employment policy, like the one at the State Department who recently gave their top job to a black woman.

    Any advice on how I could improve my CV would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nice post. That _______ getting the job is a ____en obscenity. Not that anyone with half a brain should expect moral decisions from the World Bank.


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      Well what are the charges against him?


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        Originally posted by jonnyrobinson
        Well what are the charges against him?
        Ummm, Iraq...


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          There's an interesting precedent to Paul Wolfowitz being made head of the World Bank. After having served as Lyndon Johnson's Secretary of Defense, Vietnam War uber-hawk Robert McNamara was sent to the World Bank by Johnson, where he served from 1968 to 1981. It was during this time that he developed an increasingly guilty conscience about his role in escalating hostilities in Vietnam and he emerged as a repentant, publishing his confessional "In Retrospect" in 1995. Perhaps the World Bank will do the same trick for Wolfowitz.

          I would very much like to believe that Wolfowitz truly is committed, as he claims to be, to reducing poverty and corruption in the Third World. However, he certainly has his work cut out for him if he is to disprove his detractors who claim that he will simply use the World Bank as an instrument of the Bush administration's neo-conservative agenda allowing the White House to hector developing nations over the "correct" form of economic development, combined with tough political conditions on aid. He represents a think-tank that has proposed, among other things, scaling down the World Bank considerably and withdrawing it from all but the world's absolute poorest nations. This does not bode well for nations like Vietnam and Uganda which have over the past decade succeeded lifting themselves out of the absolute lowest category but are still poor nations in need of help.

          Wolfowitz at least has significant experience working with developing nations, having served as US ambassador to Indonesia from 1986 to 1989. But what exactly are Third World leaders to divine from his adroit ties to the Suharto dictatorship and his central role in instigating the invasion of Iraq? Is the message "If you play nicey-nice with the US then you will be rewarded, but if you don't we'll bomb you back to the stone age?" At least Wolfowitz does not represent the Christian Right, which if it had a stronger hand in the World Bank would invariably attempt to halt aid projects tied to family planning and contraception in Africa and elsewhere. It could be worse. They could have nominated John Ashcroft.
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            Is 'Wolfowitz' a Jewish name?


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              Originally posted by jonnyrobinson
              Is 'Wolfowitz' a Jewish name?
              Paul Wolfowitz is of Polish Jewish ancestry. His father, Jacob Wolfowitz, emigrated to the United States as a child in the 1920s and became a renowned statistician. Paul initially set out in his father's footsteps, majoring in mathematics at Cornell University before shifting to political science.

              While he has distinguished himself as a staunch supporter of Israel over the years (where he counts a number of family members), he has made it known that he supports a "two-state solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and as such has been criticized by some of his fellow neo-cons and right-wing Israeli politicians alike.

              As a general rule, if a name ends with the suffix -witz, then it is Polish Jewish, whereas if it ends with -wicz, then it is Polish Catholic.
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                What about...............

                What if it ends with "zen"? I say Japanese Trappist Buddhist Person who has a truly bafflegabbing grasp of some wonderful knowledgees.


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                  What you gonna do

                  What you gonna do when dey come for you,
                  Bad Boys Bad Boys.................