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Meanwhile in India...: A ray of hope?

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  • Meanwhile in India...: A ray of hope?

    It appears that India and China are making some conciliatory gestures toward each other today...

    I know, I know, this is a Japan webboard and thus this appears somewhat off-topic, at a first glance. But given what I know about Asian politics, when someone makes a move, they will always think about others as well.

    So, I am guessing, while China and India were shaking hands, China was also thinking about Japan in the back of their minds, and India about Pakistan...

    Now, with conspiracy theories and ulterior motives aside, I personally think it is a good thing. I was hoping these two giant neighbors would get along better and do more trading, helping each other's economies grow and understand each other. Moreover, they seem to be making some progress about those "mountain disputes" along their borders... so who knows? Perhaps people will become more sensible one day and do something to make progress about those "island (rocks?) disputes" as well...

    I intentionally made my comments rather vague up there so I can solicit your feedback and information. Any takers? What do you think?

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    I know Ray Hope!!!

    He works in Madras. Where did you meet him? He is one cool guy. Shame about that child parts peddling racket he got nailed for, though. Still, what a great story teller.