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Is it a coincidence that........

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  • Is it a coincidence that........

    when the price of oil goes up, all this fuss between China and Japan flairs up?
    And why are islands near China claimed by Japan only an issue after oil deposits have been found there?
    And Japan starts drilling in water that's legaly hers (at least in the eyes of the UN) and China cries foul, why?
    And on the other side are Japan only drilling there now because they know China wants it?
    And all of the world oil supplies are under pressure from growing Chinese demand?

    I know WW2 and the security council are the main reasons but I can't help but wonder if China has some hidden agenda in all of this...... Oil has been the underlying cause of a lot of tension in the past.

    Opinions please.

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    Agreed. Access to raw materials is gonna become an increasingly hot topic in the not too distant future. Chinese demand is only going to increase, and somehow the rest of the world has gotta accomodate that... I'm not optimistic that there won't be significant violence caused by this.


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      Well, since you asked

      Originally posted by JayJay
      Opinions please.

      Jay Jay,
      I am Your Father.................

      BTW, there are no coincidences. The entire known world is a massive Red Chinese Conspiracy.
      Where is that damn Charlie McCarthy when you need him? I've got Reds under My Beds again.


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        There are tons of reasons. It's also a convenient time for the Chinese govt. to whip up a sense of nationalism in the people over a few small issues in Japan. Oil prices going up will affect the Chinese just like everyone else, and the more things that they are unhappy about the easier it is for them to speak out/demonstrate against something. Also, if Americans are willing to go to war over oil, what are other regimes willing to do for it?