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  • jaws of life

    so I saw the terrible train accident on the news. I was wondering where the heck are the jaws of life ? Geezus if it isn't SOP in the states. Every tom ____ and harry has got one for their fire department. In Japan it appears nobody has them.
    People died because the government isn't prepared and doesn't plan proactively. A sad statement.
    HEY JAPAN buy some jaws of life fer crissakes !

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    what are 'jaws of life'? Never heard of 'em myself...


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      Yes, but........................

      Originally posted by donpaulo
      so I saw the terrible train accident on the news. I was wondering where the heck are the jaws of life ? Geezus if it isn't SOP in the states. !

      Aaaah, but think how happy so many of us would be if you stopped saving your stupid people. For one thing, your armed forces would be virtually unmanned, or unwomanned, for that matter. And there might even be a vacancy in the white house....................

      Something to think about


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        Welll, Jonny, since you asked

        Originally posted by jonnyrobinson
        what are 'jaws of life'? Never heard of 'em myself...
        Its the latest installment in that most American of enterprises, the franchise movie. Whenever there is an accident, they go around and ask the victims if they have health insurance, and for the ones that don't (about half the nation), they whip out JAWS 7 or 8 or 9, and the victims are so distraught at being forced to watch such horrid crap that they cap themselves.
        It was brought in as a cost saving measure in the Reagan era, mostly 'cause the old Space Cadet was already Brain Fried, and no longer understood anything being said to him, so when they said: "Movie, Mr. President", he went for it right away. He had this delusion that he used to be an actor.

        See Jonny, pay your taxes, or you will end up like those untaxed and uninsured 'Merkans. And that would be a fate worse than death or taxes.


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          Point taken about the taxes and social insurance stuff Kurogane: I certainly wouldn't want to end up like all those MILLIONS of poor saps in the United States of Whatever without coverage, even if it means coughing up tax money for various unsmiling civil servants to spend on their mistresses and personal retirement funds:-)


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            well I suppose its in vogue to question US motives, but this thing saves lives and reduces suffering. I find it quite surprising that many don't know about it. The devices track record speaks for itself.


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              Ya, okay

              Its not in vogue where I'm from donpaulo. Its a national pasttime, and has been since 1812.

              Anyways, sorry about that, but your tone did come across a little Americanocentric.
              AND, I finally got around to seeing what that train wreck was about:
              HOLY F'IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and JR is providing a one way speaical limited express service.


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                hey dere kurogane!

                As the correctly korrrekt answerer of your quiz on some other thread, I demand my pocky, dammit.

                By the way, those giant tin snips have been in use here [not there] for years.



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                  Oh, you mean thooose things? They've been used in British motorway car crashes for decades mate. But how do you know the Japanese didn't / don't have any?


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                    thats exactly the point, I DON"T know if they use them. But when I saw the swarms of rescue workers like ants, working on top of the wreckage I didn't one. Not one jaws of life. Days later they are still trying to get into the traincar... jaws of life would have been in within an hour of the incident.

                    IF they have jaws of life here, they certainly appear not to use them. They are SOP in the states.

                    its just common sense.

                    As far as the war of 1812, if I recall it was the british who burned washington, and it was andrew jackson who gave the limey marines a serious beating outside New Orleans. It was british invasion. Lucky for us the US bailed them out of trouble in the 20th century eh ?

                    as far as anti american stuff goes, I say more power to you. Any country that allows hockey to go away deserves some bashing.


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                      actually they do have them. i saw an interview on tv with the head of the emergency response team for hyogo-ken. they showed the jaws of life - i guess there are actually 2 types - ones that cut and ones that spread. both were made in USA.

                      now back to the real discussion....


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                        I know a lady who uses JAWS of Life on me everyday ! It's so interesting.
                        I leave everyday with a smile.


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                          yes there are at least two types, there are also telescoping pushers as well as other assorted spreaders and cutters.
                          So you saw a jaws of life in Hyogo ?
                          wow well shiver me timbers