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A day of Justice

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  • A day of Justice

    America is the Babylon as described in Biblical prophesy! It's doom is described with great detail. For her unforgivable sins, she will be punished with fire from the sky! the crimes commited against the Japanese are just the tip off the iceberg of the evils of this fornicated nation.

    One day....

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    Woh ho ho (devilish laugh).
    Man, this dude has beat me to the trolling!


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      And the Intolerance Award Goes To . . .

      Is it just me or is everybody trying to out-do each other in the hostile infammatory declarations department these days? If it's not the Japanese being flamed, it's the Chinese or the Americans. Who's next? The Latvians? I'm frankly sick of those smug Latvian bastards filling the world with their, oh, whatever it is they fill the world with! And as for those filthy bastards from the Federated States of Micronesia, don't even get me STARTED on them!!!

      Who would anybody like to slag on next?


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        Bazooka 'dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Originally posted by Bashi-Bazouk
        Who would anybody like to slag on next?
        The Bazookastanis. Everyone knows they are responsible for the rapid, massive rise in the price of rosehip oil that is causing such consternation in the dark, disturbed circles of Charisma Man's Evil Arch Enemy and Nemesis.


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          The real day of reckoning is near. And no, it won't be the Americans, or the Japanese, or even the Chinese, but a far more insidious group. This group has caused pain, suffering, and death on a level previously unknown of in history. They have killed countless, in mass genecides, or individual murders for political, religious, and other reasons. They are the most insidious, duplicitious, untrustworthy bunch in the world, and their time is neigh.

          I of course talk about humans. Humans have enjoyed their moment in the sun for long enough. Soon the revolution will come and the world will toss back the yolk of oppression that the humans have forced upon it. We will return to the days of peace and happiness, and all you arrogant humans will realize too late that you were falsely smug in your assumed positions of hegemony. All other beings will celebrate your downfall, because you are a proud species, a species that believes they are gods. But you are mistaken, and soon we shall all see this.

          /End troll
          //What is it with these people?


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            Forced Corgification?

            Oh yeah? Well, at elast we have legs, you dwarf dog.
            Hold on, I'm not human.
            Hey, Dog Boy is right. Let's gets 'dem humans.

            Are we having fun yet? - Zippy the Pinhead