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Joint history study between China & Japan

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  • Joint history study between China & Japan

    Japanese History
    Rev. by the Ministry of Education

    Revision 1#

    Yes, Japan did some horrible and nasty things to it's asian neighbors.

    Revision #2

    Japan offers an official apology by Prime Ministry Junichiro Koizumi on behalf of the Emperor and the Japanese people. Hu Jintao becomes overly emotional and accepts this apology with the utmost humility. He even kisses the finger of Koizumi.


    We exhume all of the soldiers who've been buried for over forty years who were class-A war criminals then place them somewhere to be forgotten for their ultimate sacrifice !

    Revision #4

    Elect McTojo to be Minister of Foreign relations so that he can renig on every revision I just made and start WWIII ! Bomb Shanghai then Peking first.

    Revision #5

    Assasinate McTojo then re-elect Kurogane in his place so he can F**k the country away and Waller can be the apology lady for Hu Jintao.

    End of Japan~~~~seppuku