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  • .................................rant rant

    today I was once again reminded that I don't like living in japan
    recently we had a spate of firebugs, before that a girl was raped in an empty policebox
    and today 2 kindergarten kids drowned when they could have been saved

    there are a few lakes around our house, one in the process of being extended so that there is an dirt-sided channel with pretty steep sides in an open field bordering on our residential area...
    kids love to play there

    well we came home to the smell of smoke... and soon heard ambulances, policecars and fire engines roaring into the road next to ours
    we went to take a look and the mother of one kid was standing on the bank of the channel watching the two floating kids... the policemen and ambulancemen rushed up and waited for the firemen to kit up and come down to get the bodies out
    all the while a grand gallery of neighbours had been standing on our road looking down on the scene.... had been standing there from the beginning while the kids were still splashing around trying to get out .... and noone thought to jump in and get them out.... a few able bodied men among the oohing and aaahing onlookers.... people who had practically watched the whole thing go down.... standing there and saying shix like taihen and abunai
    i asked one old fart how deep the channel is and he said about chest high on an adult.... how the hell could a mother stand there and wait for a fecking ambulance?????????????? and watch her kid drown...
    I dunno if the kids were saved but I doubt it because they were unconscious when they loaded them into the ambulances
    all the while this was going on there were at least 20 kids running round shrieking and playing while they dragged the 2 kids out.....


    now we have about 5 helicopters circling the scene taking shots of the site.

    %$*&^(*&(*&^(*&)())(*^%%$%$££"£% ^&*(*&^%^%%

    speechless with a very dark emotion

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    I'm sorry to hear that.

    Just a couple Questions. What are firebugs? Why did you smell smoke when you came home and what does that have to do with drowning kids?

    Lots of people go into paralysis when they're faced with an emergency, and if that's the case with the mom(s), she's likely to toss herself in the river next. Sad.


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      In my brief time here on this planet I have learned that you can find the true test of someone's character when they are faced with a crisis.
      The idiocy of this story is most likely repeated daily across our world. As a trained lifeguard we are taught to offer a pole or other reaching device to those in need. Failing that a floating device will work. After all other options are gone, you must then enter the water and seek contact with a drowning person.
      Drowning children is this case is pathetic. One wonders who will get the "blame" ?

      I would say it isn't somethine exclusive to Japan. But in japan it would quite likely make the news.

      Firebugs, do you mean fireants ?


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        You're quite right to rant, dont applogise

        A quote from Kaiso, founder of Shorinji Kempo, talking about modern Japan.

        ""Words Alone are Not Enough"
        The other day in the paper there was a story about a child who drowned. The child who was playing with him ran out into the street and raising his hands begged for help. It was out of the question for the drivers to knock him off the road so thy stopped for him, but not a single person would help and save his friend. Stories like this fill the papers every day! On the train going to work someone will be acting up, but everyone pretends not to see.

        "It's not my problem." "If I get involved, there'll be trouble." With this kind of thinking, there's not even a chance that the world will improve. Just by saying, "Oh, that poor child," or, "How can they do such a bad thing?" nothing is solved. Words alone are not enough, but perhaps trying to do something is what's needed.

        (At the Instructors Seminar, October 1969) "

        Apprently Japan has not always been this way, and the above speaker was quoted as being saddened by the lack of responsiblity and initiative shown by Japanese after WW2. Good to know some Japanese see the problem.

        Also Im really sorry. You saw it? Hope you're ok. Ranting is quite acceptable in this case in my opinion. Take care of yourself.


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          yeah we saw the aftermath as the police, ambulances and then the fire department arrived and dragged the kids out of the water...
          the firemen were able to stand in the water... not much deeper than chest deep

          firebug...pyromaniac.... someone was setting ppls houses on fire during the spring break... dakara when we smelled the smoke (which was from a tanbo clearing) and saw the fire engines coming up our hill, we thought it was the same thing again

          yes I know this is not a japanese only problem, but the general apathy when it comes to people in distress and the unwillingness to help stuns me every time I see it happen

          but today was definitely the worst case

          I also was a surf life saver.... and I know the timeframe you have for revival.... the kids must have been past revival by the time they were fished out... I can understand the mother going into shock .... but about 15 onlookers doing the same.... with their hands over their mouths, whispering taihen taihen to each other feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck
          sorry but ............................................ even a granny could have stood in that water and held the kids' heads above water until help came


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            yeah i think HH and KG are right
            time for a bath
            Last edited by eku; 2005-05-16, 08:21 PM. Reason: to get my foot out of my mouth


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              thanks for the mp3 tho
              i have a better version
              i am a little freaked out so scuze
              think i will go and take some time out


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                Ouch, Gloria

                Have a nice bath, sweets.

                That was a sad story.

                BTW Nice pullback, HH. I saw that coming. Anyways, nice of you to leave off.


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                  Eku - I saw a short blip about that on NHK News just a short bit ago.

                  In some ways, it seems like you would have to consciously think NOT to help someone. I mean, I know people go into shock and I know people respond differently. But, to some degree, it seems like human nature to just...try and help...whomever. I mean, without even thinking, it seems like a person would be kind of "pre-wired" to help someone...even a stranger. I don't know. Maybe this is just what I want to think. However, I'm not particularly maternal (I haven't been around enough children to have acquired such...things), but...particularly when it comes to children, it just kind of seems...second nature to do something to help. Example: I saw this little kid running around like a maniac in Daiei. His mother didn't seem too concerned, but...I was. He was running around clomping in his little geta (annoyingly loud). Well, wooden sandals on a slippery waxed floor + maniacal child = (it wasn't very pretty). Even when it's not someone you love (again, perhaps it's because it's a child), it seems most would act without really even thinking about it.

                  I'm reminded of when a young Korean national died trying to help pull an older drunk salaryman from the train tracks (can't remember how long ago it was). It seems human nature often just kicks in -- forgetting your own safety.

                  Hell, the number of times I've almost been run over chasing after my dogs....

                  Maybe I'm just optimistic about people. Seems optimistic is the word here.

                  What I don't get is -- if the water wasn't all that deep, what was the problem? Might they have hurt themselves jumping down (if it was a high place and the water wasn't that deep, might not they have...broken their neck or something?). I would expect a mother (parent) not to think twice about this (no matter the situation). Again, I don't have children, but I know from watching my mother (even now that I'm hardly an infant/toddler and she...just turned 57 yesterday!!), she would do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) if I were in harm's way. Isn't that the maternal instinct? I thought that's what I've read. ?!?!?

                  BTW, if anyone sees my mommy, DON'T tell her I told you her age. Maternal instinct aside, she'd kill me. I think she's still...3 x 7 and then some.


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                    not dangerous....
                    thats the thing
                    it was a channel, about 1 meter wide, if that... and at most a meter and a half deep
                    if someone couldnt swim, they could just have braced their legs across the channel and saved the kids.......
                    instead they stood up on the road................. and waited 20 minutes
                    thats what gets me
                    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa i think i am gonna take time off the rant


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                      Go have a nice bath, sweets.


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                        I would have rescued them

                        I would have rescued the kids and given the firebugs a piece of my mind.


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                          Never saved someone from water, but from how I've reacted in other situations, I know that I wouldn't have stood by doing nothing like all of the 'horrified onlookers'. But then, I do think that this isn't just a Japan problem. I wonder what would happen right across the Sea of Japan for example. And lets add that I have little faith in the average North American.


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                            very very sad story

                            I hear you heart goes out to those poor kids and their parents.......and the big qestion remains........ WHY?????????..............what went through those kids' mind while they were struggling for life?. Did the kid see his/her mom standing near by ?. What went through the minds of mom and onlookers while two liittle helpless kids were dying right in front of them?.
                            I know I'll jump in the water w/o any dought especially if I see my kid in there. I would not let my dear kid die infront of me like that. My god, I'll never forgive myself if that happened..............I rather die.......!!. I know the kid's mom will have nightmares the rest of her life.


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                              Crisis situations.

                              It's not entirely uncommon for people to just stand around while someone is helplessly dying.

                              And yes, I too would have jumped in to save those children but if it was a grown adult I would've let him/her die . For safety reasons it would be safer to leave them to their fate because by them panicing they can drown you !

                              Most people in this society are not prepared for a crisis situation at any level. When those kids drowned people didn't know how to react, especially in this culture ! Being a hero is just too far out of the question for the average Japanese man or women. Just being man enough is hard enough for the average Japanese man !

                              And in North American Americans don't just stand around. I have seen many situations where the average N. American was a hero !