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  • Save JApan's Economy...

    I have a plan to save Japan's economy and fight the greatest evil the world has ever known at the same time!

    We, ban the use any detestible, ugly, modern clothing (except for making mud fight videos, so fun!) and mandate the wearing of kimonos. Also, they have to be made domesticly. Just think of the economic salvation! the demand for kimonos will cause alot of people to join the kimono industry looking for work. the number of silk farms will surge (also demanding more labor), and the world will be a better place to live! I also think traditional archetcture should be mandated. Traditionalness is good.

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    Yes, the Japanese textile industry will love you and meanwhile it'll take everyone forever to get properly dressed (Have you ever put on a kimono, not a yukata, correctly?). I'm sure that the ensuing loss of free time, or even work time will be great for Japans economy. In addition, we now have to find all these people who want low paying jobs in the textile industry, since domestic kimono production would go up by some ungodly amount, and either those jobs are low paying, or the clothing are priced out of easy range for the lower classes.


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      smoke n drive

      plain and simple...
      buy a huge car (buy mine please) that has crappy fuel consumption
      and start smoking
      drive around till ashtrays are full or tank is empty...whichever one comes first
      clean ashtrays, fill tank and repeat process

      ciggies cars and gas have the highest taxation in japan
      the economy will soon recover

      vroom cough vroom


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        As long as we're reinstating 300 year old values, we can bring back the law requiring any foreigners found on Japan's shores to be beheaded.


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          an alterative to mandatory kimono wearing would be less restriction on new business. More business means greater tax base, and so on.
          When I dropped in at my local JETRO office, I was the only person under the age of 65. When I inquired about locating production onshore I was met by raised eyebrows... Eeehhhh ?

          It seems that everyone is either opening a hyaku yen shop, remodeling some pachinko joint or selling alcohol.

          Its a sad state of affairs.

          Even the zaibatsu are going with temporary help


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            I don't want to delve too deeply into this subject matter but I will add a few things straight from the cuff.

            Firstly, what has to be understood is that there are too many baby boomers in Japan right now, and the numbers are growing rapidly ;Just visit your local McDonalds. And yes, I'm sure we are all aware of the shrinking population blah blah blah... The way we shore up the economy is to first adapt a Gehardt Shroeders approach to how we allow people in this country and how it related to jobs and the overall social welfare of the country. We need to stop outsourcing our jobs to cheap foreign labor and start offering incentives to young Japanese poeple to stay and work right here at home. That way, they can focus on things like family and reproduction more naturally without the stresses and strains of daily life. We need to go back to long term investments and clean up the banking industry by adopting U.S. accounting standards that allow for better transparency in regards to faulty loans and better accountability standards so that money hunger C.E.O's don't take advantage of the lacks laws regarding banking.

            We need to impose santions on North Korea and keep the Billions of yen we freely give them to keep their feeble economy afloat. We need to privatize the Postal Service which is the oldest government ran organization in the world ! That way we can free up the 341 trillion yen in bonds and other booty so that we can re-invest it into foreign stocks and whatever else the government can use it for. We need to stop paying millions of yen in O.D.A. money (Our Dump Ass) money - get it?- to the chinese . We need to keep our contracts with Libya for oil rights which gives Japan billions of yen in revenue every year ! etc. etc.

            Lastly, we need to anoint McTojo the next prime minister of Japan. Actually, there is a grassroots organization in Okinawa that's starting to explore Ishihara as a possible replacement for Koizumi in the next election. The next prime minister will be conservative guaranteed !


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              We need a reactionary takeover

              We need a reactionary takeover! And more kimono-wearing.


              I totally agreee about your banking and economic ideas. They're ALL correct. I wonder what it'd be like if you did delve too deeply into the matter. I hope Jaopan does get conservative PM's until that system is ultimately replaced by Emberor Kimonolover.

              Seroiusly though, we need to save JApan's silk industry and help out tthe Artisans. They are JApan, the essense of it. If there was nothing but production numbers and breathing that next breath, life woul dbe pointless.


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                I for one will be stepping up to spend six months salary on a flash dressing gown!