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I ahve Air Conditioning Finally!!!

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  • I ahve Air Conditioning Finally!!!

    I drove 1007 miles last week in scorching heat. It was like 500 miles one way. Imagine a spaceship entering the Earth's atmosphere. Fire and speed rolled up into one. It was liek that except for 10 hours. IT is likely the most exhausting think I have ever done.

    Toyota trucks are the BEST! I love taking long trips, but not in that heat! Toyota = awesome! That truck has 343,000 miles on it!

    I recently got my air conditioner fixed and have it retrofitted to R-134a. IT's ALIVE! Woh!

    I'm Broke

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    Stone cold

    Congradulations,now you will be smiling from ear to ear,you certainly are one lucky guy.I have forgotten what air condtioning is since getting here,the only time I feel air conditioning is in winter as I'm chilled to the bone in this house.


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      what kind of house do you live in?

      Anyway, I lok forward to making the move with cold air blowing on me


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        Good god boy, is this really news/current events??!!

        Did you notice the "Offtopic" forum?

        Most of this insignificant redneck-wizard crap you spin (and obviously don't even bother to look over before you submit -- "ahve"??), if it deserves to exist at all, belongs there.

        Why is it your mission to clog up this forum with such mindnumbingly STUPID posts?


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          Yeah, I have to agree with aha. This isn't exactly worthy of news/current events.


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            I suppose it could be redneck news neh ?
            perhaps a special thread for this mind numbing kind of stuff.
            can someone please close this thread ?


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              The house I live in was made in the early 1960's,it is completely made from wood as most houses in and around where I am from are very old.
              Yesterday I got a new gadget that blows cool air on me,I just fill it with water and the cool air blows.
              Hey I am not complaining at least I got plenty of peace,but usually things get warmer under the collar in here.I suppose I could start day dreaming I'm in Siberia,ohhh that would be the coolest.


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                hey kimonolover... once you actually get to japan and experience first-hand the wonder of japanese housing... i think you are going to be pining for the fiords...

                you think japan is the pie in the sky because you hate your trailer life back in the ole YUU ESS of A

                well the standard poor white trailer is far superior to your average japanese house....

                here insulation is merely a myth

                the only central thing in japanese housing is the loo which is located centrally with very little ventilation... in fact most japanese houses have the loo right in front of the front door....
                Last edited by eku; 2005-06-23, 10:22 PM.


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                  bulls eye

                  That post above is 100 percent correct,forget about privacy also I am squeezed between houses.
                  I need oxygen it is so tight here,and the sounds of voices travel house to house.


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                    Thirty two degrees (that's celsius BTW) in our staffroom today. Nobody has even got a fan - except me of course. Lunatics. FECK! Even when I worked in Cambodia we had aircon.


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                      Thaks for the laugh

                      Oh man! that was fun to read! "Redneck Wizard Crap". "ahve" is a serious typo, but I thought it was funny, so I left it.

                      Ok, umm, I don't live in a trailer yet. But I will be living in one soon enough. It's not bad tho. It has 3 a/c units (not central, but does the job) and central electric heat. Electric heat if freakin' expensive so I'll probably replace that with a small HVAC if I get the $$ or maybe a wood-burning stove. I used to be a chimney sweep and learned alot about safe wood stove installation and usage. NOONE does it right around here! 'm gonna set it straight! I've always wanted a wood stove. So rustic, no indoor air pollution liek from ventless gas heaters.

                      So, there's an "offtopic forum eh? That sounds like an amusemant park! Alright guys, I'm off to launch a rocket and post something noncoherent on the "offtopic" forum.


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                        Oh, one mor thing...

                        So Electric JApan, you live in a traditional Japanese house eh? The kind with a tile roof and shoji doors and tatomi flooring? OSM! Those are so awesome looking! How'd you score that? how does heating and cooling work? does the house draft good or something?

                        Are you like in a traditional section of town where all the buildings look liek that? Oh man! that souds awesome!

                        I could come over and shoot a super low budget ninja movie with some of my friends. It'll be the rival ninja clans thing where this beautiful goddess is captured by one clan and held for ransom and tha other clan sends this one hero to rescue the girl. It'll be complete with a conspiracy theory like the warring underground ninja clans are really the movers and shakers in Japanese politics and they are fighting for control of Japan and the "good" clan (which is more traditional and they wear kimonos alot) is trying to secure the future of Japan and the "ban"clan is in it for just power and money which is why they run and get rich off of all the corruption and social perversions plaguing Japan today.

                        Cool movie idea? I thought so.

                        Hey, uh, can I come over? I won't dress like a freak.

                        Don't steal my movie idea or I'll have to come up with another one!


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                          traditional japanese houses are extinct.... unless you can pick up a very old one and fix it up... (meaning you will be living in the deeeeeep stix) almost everything else is shockingly overpriced prefabricated shlt (unless of course you have like several billion yen to spend, in which case you can employ an aging master carpenter and build one before he dies)

                          houses more than a mere 10 years old have enough asbestos in them to give you fossilized lungs.... there is a sick house syndrome which is not very uncommon

                          central heating is virtually unknown of in japan... except in like about 7 houses in all of the country, one of them being the emporer's gardener's sister's husband's cousin's cottage.

                          don't even let us get started on the finer aspects of japanese housing...

                          but feel free to post your distorted images of japan so we can shoot them down in sulphurous flames


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                            You have creeped me out now!.

                            What is this about the dastardly horror house story,you aren't born to raise hell are you?.

                            Materials that are hazard to my health?,my house is made of wood.
                            I have no alternative this is my house by the sea,how did I get this house?, ''devotion''......these things have never been said to me before,this is a good house.
                            I have watched many old Japanese movies and whenever they show within the house I see my house, yes sliding doors that open up and make rooms,bamboo curtains,woody floors.
                            I occasionally conduct a class in here, as well as I have the space,I just am so busy,when I get the time I write about diffrent subject's.
                            I appreciate the offer that you would like to see my house,I live in a older area,of course I have seen houses really tightly fit,I do have more space as I have 2 floors,and many rooms.
                            It is a real genuine love this house I got,as you know I came from another type of living so this is a real joy to be in,winters are brutal as it feels like a meat freezer,but as long as I wear comfortable clothing and keep pleasant thought's I shall be fine.
                            Last edited by Ueberuser; 2005-06-24, 07:16 PM.


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                              shoot down

                              sulphurous flames huh? Why not a huge plume of fire? what type of fuel would power a plane that is sooo sulphurous? You sed "shoot down".

                              Ok. anyway, I WILL have a traditional house in terms of construction, materials, and design and styling, but will use poly-fiber insulation (some of the safest stuff you can get) and will also design and bulid my own centeral A/C system. Also, the house will have speaker wiring in the walls to avoid tacky speaker wires on the floor or walls. There will the LAN wired into the house too. So, when I move in, I'll plug my speakers into speaker jacks IN THE WALL and plug my Yamaha stereo into corresponding jacks. also, I can have LAN parties with different rooms (they are insulated for sound as well as temperature) so my friends and I can be in different rooms only communication through the computers. Oh man! This sounds awesome! Well, I don't know how much sound insulation i could do inside the house since J-houses have an open floorplan.

                              Electric, you = lucky. I wanna see that house. What city and section of that city do you live in? Did it survive the only REAL government sponsered terrorism in modern history?

                              You know what I mean. I'll have to design a system setup for an HVAC that accomidates tight old Japanese neighborhoods. Oh, already done. I'll patent the design and get rich enought to live in Japan if Japanese PPL want central air enough. As far as AMericanizing goes, I am against it in many ways, but central air is not a bad thing. It's a gift from God! Oh, how hot does it get there in whatever city you live in?

                              Asbestos exists in many american houses built from the 1930s-60s, well, somewhere in that time period. I've seen it used as insulation in pipes in houses dating to the 1920s. if it was installed after the original construction, I don't know. There are alot of houses with asbestos siding too. It is ugly. I don't even know whay they used the style they did. It was often put on old clapboard houses to make them more maintenance-free. I t is soo freakin' ugly!