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  • Uyoku Dantai LESSON

    I will be lecturing on the Uyoku from time to time just to help give people a better understanding of what they are.


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    I am sure the uyoku are nice people, ever so aware of Japan's follies, and kind towards their Asian neighbours in particular. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we joined their wonderful organisations.


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      Interesting article, Tojo.

      The article mentions that Nakagawa used the big black trucks with loud speakers to protest against the All Japan Teacher's Union. gI understood and recognized that we annoyed people today with loud speakers and people did not like us. However, we are ready to bear the blame for this protest for the sake of the future of Japan.hNow I can kind of see where they're coming from.

      Since these black trucks are the most prominent and visible side of the Uyoku to us gaijins, is there only a certain faction that uses them? Do all of the Uyoku use this method to increase awareness? Where can I buy an armored truck with loudspeakers like that?


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        Morning Star, I had the same idea as you -- getting a black van and driving around Japan blaring out loud messages, just for the fun of it. In fact, I reckon a small group of committed and reasonably tough gaijin could hijack one of the uyoku vans -- the uyoku members are pussies and I don't think they would put up a serious fight, if it ever came to fisticuffs. I heard that back in the Boom Days of the Bubble, Iranian guys used to brawl with the Uyoku every Sunday in Ueno Park. More often than not, the Iranian guys one, and the poor old Uyoku fascists went home with black eyes.

        I have to let everyone know -- don't be afraid of those black vans, they are paper tigers. I found this out one day last year. I was walking through the streets of Otemachi near the old Immigration Center, taking photos of my digital camera, and I came upon a parked black van blasting out some political sermon at a nearby Governmental department. I don't know what overcame me, but I decided to myself: I want to test these m----f--kers. I want to show them I am not afraid of them. So I walked up close to the windows and pretended to take a photo of whoever was inside. Risky business perhaps, but I got an amazing sight, when I got close enough that I could see through the tinted windows. There were no scary looking mafia types inside. Instead, what I saw were two 17-year-old girly-boys -- typical Japanese teenagers in fact. One of them had permed brown hair and was reading a manga comic. The other was wearing a MICKY MOUSE T-shirt and looked bored out of his brain. Obviously their parents were rank-and-file members, and had loaned them the van for the day to carry out evil all over Tokyo. Just like other organisations like SOKA GAKKAI, the Uyoku no doubt inflate their membership numbers by counting all the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and second-cousins of rank-and-file members as actual members.

        So what would stop a small team comprising Morning Star and myself from hijacking such a scantily secured black van? It wouldn't take much muscle power to toss a pair of Japanese teenagers in MICKY MOUSE shirts on to the pavement, and drive off with the truck.
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          Cod rotten brain take heed !


          You need to show a little more respect by learning how to
          "Shut the Fyuk up." If the Uyoku want to drive around in their black vans preaching the truth then let it be. I think they are doing a good job. I think it takes alot of courage to preach the truth about Japan.

          You know, if we left it up to people like you Japan would be another Tijuana or some third world cess pool of filth and garbage. If we left it up to me, this country would embrace a little more nationalism, not too much, but just enough to know when to tell you where to shove it !

          I wish I were in thsy black van I would have personally kicked your tail and I'm not little either ! Japan doesn't need arrogant people like you ! You need to pack your bags and get the hell out of here !