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Japan Post Privatization

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  • Japan Post Privatization

    Help! Should I support or oppose this?

    The bill (barely) passed the lower house. Seems that the PM wants to split up the post office into different companies, one of them which will hold the post office deposits.

    It's not entirely clear to me what the benefits and drawbacks are. But it seems that the people in the LDP I usually loathe are against it, so I'm inclined to support it.

    News Station ran a report about privatization in New Zealand; seems it wasn't an unqualified success there...

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    Privatisation is almost always a failure, just an excuse to dish out public money to big businesses.

    What a great success privatising the baggage checking at US airports was. Great success for scrap metal merchants in Manhattan anyway.


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      It has been a freakin disaster in NZ. Here's a good example; the railways were privatised. The company bought the rolling stock which it ran down terribly , but only leased the lines and stations. The stations are appalling, virtually nothing done to them the whole duration. Same with tracks. The Govt leased the track to the company for $1, and recently bought them back, for something like $30 million.

      We have privatised phone, power and recently post. All have meant increased prices to consumer (promised competition and lower prices has not appeared, with companies running services dry, then onselling customers to other companies without their consent/ knowledge. My power bill increased 60 % in two years. There have also been massive employee layoffs. NZ is an excellent study of the whole privatisation phenomena, which started in the 1980s.


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        the flip side is

        that govt cannot run anything as efficiently nor for the same profit as privates can. Are there issues with privatization ? surely, but the postal bank and service umbrella is a giant pork project. It symbolizes the need for reform in Japan, the fact it was such a divisive issue and that many didn't want reform pretty much confirms that Japan is in for more reform battles in the future.
        Postal service, insurance and banking are not the same thing and its good IMO that they have been broken into seperate entities.
        Govt regulation is a good thing, but OVERegulation kills business. Mr Koizumi has done an adequate job of pushing through his postal reforms, I wish him luck with any future reform plans he has to improve Japan's bottom line.


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          Originally posted by donpaulo
          that govt cannot run anything as efficiently nor for the same profit as privates can. .
          Yes, profit is the keyword. Telecom in NZ and the company that bought the railways have made massive profits. Jobs have been lost, services reduced, and consumers f8ucked . But they make lots of profits which really keeps the shareholders happy. In NZ's case, most of these reside in the US or other countries.
          As for efficiency, just have a look at what has happened to the rail system and underground sytems in England after privatisation. It is a mess, and safety has been in a downward spiral ever since privatisation. Private health provision is another good example. American has one of the costliest and inefficient systems in the world.


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            Still don't get it.

            I still don't know the actual argument for privatizing the postal system here. Anybody got some bullet points on the pros and cons?

            Bush's privatizing of social security is in the poo closet. I'm glad about that. It seems like the only people who truely benefit from privatizing are the corporations who handle it.