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The legality behind the Hinomaru !!

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  • The legality behind the Hinomaru !!

    The link above is a good reference for all of those who have little to no knowledge about the legal significants of the hinomaru.

    Recently, I sent a letter to the office of Shintaro Ishihara, the governor of Tokyo, expressing my disdain for unpatriotic teachers. Last week an article was posted in Japantoday quoting Japanese teachers once again trying to sue the government over the recognition of this great flag. I was outraged to know that teachers were refusing to stand, sing, or even acknowledge the Hinomaru.

    In the U.S. I rememeber being forced to sing our national allegiance. If I remember correctly it was back in the early eighties. We would have to assemble outside in the cold morning, place our right hand against our hearts, and say," I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of American, and to the republic from which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all." That pledge of allegiance is ingrained into my memory.

    You know, when I look back at it it wasn't such a bad thing. I think Japan needs a little allegiance or national pride.

    May the Emperor live a thousand years !

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    I agree with you 110% McAlpine! I remember in public school, students being harrassed and in some cases suspended from school for not saying the pledge of allegiance. Soem people sued the school district over that being a violation of their constutional rights. I took advantage of the backlash and refused to say the pledge of allegiance or I would distort it. People threatened me. I didn't care.

    May the Emperor live a thousand years!

    I think I'll make that my signature.

    May the fornicator of the world, Babylon as described in Revelation 18 be destroyed with fire from Heaven!


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      Significant Others

      Originally posted by mcalpine

      The link above is a good reference for all of those who have little to no knowledge about the legal significants of the hinomaru.
      Below are the actual legal significants of the National Flag.
      Nisshoki (literally, Rising-Sun Flag) was adopted as Japan's national flag in 1870. It also is called Hinomaru (literally, Disk of the Sun) and Nihon no Kokki (Flag of Japan). The red circle represents the sun.

      The flag has a width/length ratio of 7:10. The sun, a circle centered on the flag, has a diameter of 3/5 the width. (The sun actually is positioned 1/100th the length closer to the pole edge of the flag.)

      Hinomaru, Japan's national flag (364x254) Waving flag (64x50)
      The legal significance of the flag is another issue, and will be dealt with in a forum populated by literate non-retards.

      The next question is, why are so many Feckin Mrkans with enough time on their hands to write about such boring crap in such inane ways unable to achieve literacy in their own quasi-native tongue (the Actual Native Tongue being Moronese)?

      Or is that another thread?