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Katrina: Bushes disgrace

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  • Katrina: Bushes disgrace

    Ive been watching the news btu I had to turn it off.

    Honestly the situation is WORSE than India or Sir Lanka during the Tsunami and they're thrid world countries.

    The US is the richest country in the world and people are dying everyday from disease and stavation. Its a disgrace.

    How you think Bush/the US is handling the disaster?

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    I must start by saying that I do not like W. Having said that, I gotta' agree with Bill Clinton who basically said that we cannot blame W. for the effects of the hurricane and the aftermath.

    Now also having said that, W. should have gotten his arse out of his ranch like right away and showed support and sympathy for the people who have been left in the lurch, namely those in the superdome and those abandoned and those suffering from lack of food or water or normal amenities. In this case W., I believe, has shown a serious lack of conscience and compassion for others. By showing his compassion with the suffering people, he could have at least kept his head above water and this would have resulted in fending off some of the criticism that he is now getting. But he didn't and now he will suffer for it - so it just shows what kind of an individual he is.........
    For what it's worth.


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      I think what needs to be understood here is that people really want to do something to help BUT because of the lack of leadership and organization nobody knows exactly how they can help besides donating to Red Cross. Blaming G.W. is not going to fix the problem.


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        Yeah you're both right, blaiming Bush is too easy and not fair (I still dont like him though).

        But there still is something terribly wrong with the whole situation.

        If I see Red Cross on teh streets (I dont donate threw the net) I will be donating something, even if to stoke my ego and help me feel better even if it does jack.

        I have family in Florida too. Thank God it missed them.


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          "W" and his war committee did divert the budget from the Army Corps of Engineers in Louisiana to his Baghdad battles, so the Army, although they had been warning of the consequences,l they were unable to even provide basic maintenance to the levees.

          I personally would not give to the Red Cross, esp to the American Red Cross - they have a history of witholding donations, and banking the funds instead of releasing them to the needy in a timely manner. This is not to say that the vast majority of Red Cross workers are not decent people who simply want to help those in need. Just search the net for those reports - 9/11, SF earthquake 1989, Oklahoma 1995 and Red River in 1997. I prefer to donate to "Medecin san Frontieres.

          Unfortunately much of the rest of the world looks at the US now, and thinks - "Payback Time!"


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            Bush is known to be VERY generous when it comes to war but very tight when it comes to helping the suffering people.We've seem him looking the other way in few other times. There are many people who are stranded at the superdome w/o food and water for days(mostly poor people)........dead bodies untouched (and some are seen floating around). I hope people (from the red states) finally see his real side, the real W.......though it's too late..........foxy49


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              Unfortunetly, the color of the people left in New Orleans is what makes the slow reply. If it was Florida where his brother is, funds would have flown in (or out...). The people that could get out did so. Those left are the bottom line, and those are the ones always stuck with the benefits of the "land of free"


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                Not to blame Bush for actually creating the hurricane (unless there's some credence to the theory that storms are fiercer due to climate change, in which Bush & Co. have been obstinant contributors), his policies are directly related to the failure to prevent the flooding and deal with its aftermath more efficiently. As trip_hop said the Corps of Engineers was underfunded, so the levees weren't well maintained. Furthermore, the last president's land reclamation plan (similar to the Everglades project), which would help the region be able to naturally absorb flooding, has been slashed and sidelined in Congress under Bush. FEMA, who used to draft organizational plans and drill for this kind of thing, have been left to rot in a Homeland Security focused narrowly on "terrorism." And in fact 40% of Mississippi's and Louisiana's Nat. Guard are in Iraq (Herald Tribune) -- reckon those extra bodies could have made it possible to search for survivors and stop looters at the same time? I'd say there's still room to criticize the Chief.

                Thing is, this crisis will probably help W when he really needs it, coz the only people likely to fault him are the ones who already saw through him anyway. The rest will rally round.

                "Payback Time!" -- Uh-huh, I can hear it already, for 3 yrs it's been Iraqis without food, water, housing, electricity and security, now it's a few thousand of Uncle Sam's own...must be the Will of Allah.


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                  Originally posted by richard
                  I gotta' agree with Bill Clinton who basically said that we cannot blame W. for the effects of the hurricane and the aftermath.
                  Bush didn't cause the hurricane to hit New Orleans. But he sure as hell had a hand in its consequent effects on the city.

                  They knew for years that if a hurricane were to hit New Orleans the consequences would be horrific. And they had plenty of advanced warning that this one was coming. This is where state government should share in some of the blame. The Governor ordered a mandatory evacuation order. Did they bother assisting those without the resources (poor, predominately black people) or ability (the sick and infirm) to leave the city and find safe accomodation? Hell no. They herded those that could make it there into a sports stadium and left them to fend to themselves. There have been at least two rapes (one of a child), bashings, murders and a suicide that have been reported from within the stadium. F'ing brilliant. Those that couldn't get out of their beds or leave their homes were left there.

                  Oh yeah. When the levees broke, Bush helpfully urged people in New Orleans to leave the city. How were those people trapped in the Superdome, on their rooftops or in their beds supposed to do that, exactly? Moron. The next day he considered returning to Washington (he was at his ranch in Texas, of course). Meanwhile people were dying in the intensive care wards of the hospitals because they didn't have the necessary equipment to maintain power. If there were images of thousands of affluent (voting) white people in such turmoil do you think that Bush would have taken so long to get his ass back to the White House? Of course not. But of course that was never going to happen anyway because they were the ones who had the means to escape in the first place.

                  As trip_hop has already mentioned, G.W. had slashed the budget for the Army Corps to maintain the levees. Why was this budget slashed? To fund their wars overseas of course. The White House has sent in the National Guard to assist. The trouble is, they only have about half the equipment and around 60% of their troops because the balance of these resources has been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. This means that five days after the hurricane struck, there are people dying in the streets from sickness, exhaustion and violence. Women are being raped, people are being shot to death and corpses are rotting in the street. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been severely criticised for their crap response, but again this agency has been starved of their funds and experienced personnal have left under Bush.

                  This is where perhaps the Governor and the state government can be let off the hook somewhat. The troops and equipment needed to keep people alive simply were not available. On the other hand, it was the state of Louisiana who volunteered for these resources to be sent to Iraq in the "war on terror". Then again, this phony "war" is a construct of the neo-conservatives in the Bush administration...

                  They have said that they will dip into their strategic reserves of crude oil because of what the hurricane has done to the oil producing capabilities of America. Gas prices are already going up and some states will be rationing supplies. Hopefully once middle class (white) America gets hit in the hip pocket they will actually feel compelled to vote the idiot out of office. Or perhaps when the rich guys rock back up to where their estates used to be they will finally realise the importance of goverment agencies and the costs of an administration intent on destroying any semblence of a caring or responsible federal government.


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                    I've seen seen CNN video about Katrina: to sum up:

                    a.) I am happy to live in Japan
                    b.) that town seemed Africa, rather than US really the richest country ???
                    c.) why cannot Americans behave? what is that ____ with 'looters will be shot', and anarchy reigning over the city??? are all neanthertalers???
                    d.) why are people there so lazy, uncooperative and aggresive? such a contrast with the behavior of Japanese when an earthquake happens...
                    e.) I dunno care about republicand nor democrats. I am German. But the speech of Bush, was his weakest speech for the last 6 years...he didn't display security, such a contrast with 9 11...
                    f.) did I say that I am happy to live in Japan..????


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                      can some American enlighten me?

                      I am German, and saw the CNN video. 99% of the people were black...are 99% of citizens in that town black, or was this a media trick to emphasize the tragedy??




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                        Not to blame W for the hurricane?. I blame him for EVERYTHING!!.
                        Only 3 more dreadfull years guys......ONLY 3 more long and devastating f__ing years!!!! foxy49
                        Last edited by foxy49; 2005-09-03, 05:52 AM.


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                          A lot of people will take this as another opportunity to take potshots at the U.S.

                          I won't be doing so, but I must admit how shocked I was as to how unprepared America was for a disaster of this nature.

                          I hope too, but I doubt it will happen, that events in New Orleans help to convince Americans how ludicrous their gun laws are.

                          From the sounds of it, it was the carless poor who have copped the worst of this. As always America isn't a great place to be poor.


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                            Originally posted by cumboto
                            Unfortunetly, the color of the people left in New Orleans is what makes the slow reply. If it was Florida where his brother is, funds would have flown in (or out...). The people that could get out did so. Those left are the bottom line, and those are the ones always stuck with the benefits of the "land of free"
                            In the presidents eyes, money dont buy freedom but the colour of your skin does


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                              takai - last census indicated 70% of the population to be of African-American descent, but they were the ones who could not afford to leave, hence the skewed image.