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What does the DPJ's pension reform mean for foreigners?

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  • What does the DPJ's pension reform mean for foreigners?

    Saying they won the upcoming election, which looks doubtful...what would the party's pension reform mean for foreigners? I ask this because I heard a rumor that 'steps to insure that long-term foreign residents MUST pay into Japan's pension' will be put into play. Is their any truth to this? If so...that sucks for me, I havent paid in 3 years but keep getting bill for RIDICULOUS amounts of yen. I plan to be here a while because my wife is Japanese but we definitely don't plan to retire here...Anyone else heard of this and concerned about it?

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    Do you believe that they will win the election? I think that they will have too many problems to really worry about long term foreigners paying into the pension. However, Must does not mean that long termers Will . For years we have been told that we MUST pay for pensions, like we Must pay for NHK.

    Anyhow, they will not win.
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