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  • Kago-Chan...WHY?!?!

    Kago chan, what have you done! I`ve been following your career since you were a poor, impressionable 13 year old ready to be exploited by a pop megalomaniac, and you go and ruin your perfect image by SMOKING!

    Damn you! You`ve ruined my MoMusu listening experience by tainting yourself this way. I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU.

    *Burns morning musume albums, DVD`s, Promo materials etc*

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    I blame the Japanese government for this by being retarded about the dangers of smoking (please note I personally dont mind if a person smokes as long as they know what they're doing, flaming bad)


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      Think of it this way, Nonbe:
      Now you can have angry sex with her and mean it!


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        Originally posted by Morning Star
        Think of it this way, Nonbe:
        Now you can have angry sex with her and mean it!

        Just think, the poor kid can get married at 16 with her parents permission, have a kid by 17 but is not allowed by law to buy a pack of cigarettes or smoke in public.


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          When I saw the photo of Kago-chan puffing away in last week's edition of "Friday", I immediately began to search for evidence of doctoring. The unscrupulous marketing execs at Japan Tobacco would like nothing better than to corrupt chubby-cheeked teenage girls with their foul-smelling, nicotine-laced phalluses (which is AOK with me because in my experience chicks who smoke are sympathetic to my need for instant gratification) but using Kago-chan's unyellowed fingers to accomplish their dastardly aims is immorality of Nagasaki-like proportions. (One sentence, 5 hyphenated words and I wasn't even trying.)

          So that was me on Friday indignantly examining the photo and muttering 許せない over and over to myself.

          But as I was jerking off to the photo (occasionally flipping through the glossy nude sections which all quality Japanese magazines have) I had to admit that Kago-chan looked all sexy and grown-up with smoke billowing out of her mouth.

          And after I came I wept, but not because I finally understood that the photo was real but because I realized that I can forgive all nasty habits as long as I get off. Kago-chan could stub out her ciggie in my belly button and I wouldn't protest as long as she was riding me hard and spilling her juice.

          Nonbe, if you look into your pants I think you can forgive her as I have.


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            Brilliant Sincity, could you post a picture of the little smokette if at all possible.


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              So what you're telling us is that Kago-chan is out of the kago?

              Does that make you feel better, or worse?


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                Here`s an artist`s impression of how the incident may have looked...
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                  smoking is an acceptable apre sex passtime...
                  think about it.
                  Last edited by eku; 2006-03-14, 10:01 PM.