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Islamic Cartoons

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  • Islamic Cartoons

    While japans print media has never really been interested in putting politically challenging cartoons in the rags.
    But what about religiously challenging cartoons

    What are the chances of seeing a cartoon depicting the islamic deity in the Asahi or The Japan times papers.....?

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    Freedom of Speech inJapan

    Why don't the Japanese media (including Asahi) run the Jewish Holocuast cartoons that the Iranian Government has commissioned to celebrate the spirit of Free Speech in today's world?

    I also have an idea which the Japanese media should take up -- I want to produce some comedy style cartoons about the World Trade Center attacks in New York a few years ago. Nothing serious, just some lighthearted observations about people jumping out of buildings. If Americans complain I will say they are being too serious, and that they can't take a joke. It is just a comedy. Just like the Jewish Holocaust was just a comedy and the Jews should just stop complaining about it, and start joking about it.

    Sorry to be offensive here but I think the West is being hypocritical in regards to these Danish cartoons. If the West is allowed to ridicule Mohammad (the very life and soul of the one point something billion Muslims in the world today), then we have to let Muslims hit our weak spots too. The West today has two weak spots -- the Holocaust and September 11 2001. So, by all means, lets laugh at Mohammad (he probably deserves it), but if we want to be fair, we have to make fun of the holy cows of our own culture. Will Asahi run my comedy about 9/11. Probably not. Is it a travesty of free speech and human rights? Make up your mind about that!


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      Have you not been reading the news?

      We been playing good cop bad cop with our Iranian friends while the Russians try to invent some leverage which they let slip a while back.

      They won't shift many papers in Japan taking the ____ out of someone most people have never heard of.


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        The more I look at my smile, the less sincere it becomes.

        I really am the epitome of a " Smarmy _______ ".


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          Aso is right -- Japanese people don't know much about the Middle East.
          One of my Japanese friends saw the new Spielberg film MUNICH, and she complained, she couldn't understand it at all (because she didn't know the background.)
          She said: "I didn't know who was who -- Israeli, Palestinian, European, they are all the same (they are GAIJIN, in other words.) A lot of people in the cinema were complaining that they couldn't understand the plot."
          The cartoon dispute is essentially a dispute between Christian Europe and the Islamic Middle East. The Japanese have no desire nor interest to enter into it. They have their own problems -- and the average Japanese citizen probably can't tell the difference between a Jew and an Arab, so what is the point of them getting involved in this dispute?


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            I can't imagine that North Korean kidnapping Japanese people type films would have much resonance to a European or North American audience either.


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              Mind you Aso, those North Korean kidnappings of JCitizens could be made into a good Hollywood movie, if they were handled by the right director. If you had Tom Cruise playing that dimwit American solider who defected to North Korea, and Steven Spielberg as director, they might just pull it off. But only just.


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                Asahi and The Japan times dare I say it might be a closer
                to trying to appear radical, Reality who knows.

                Certainly Japans population has never really shown a interest in affairs that dont directly affect Japan.
                But with even most countries in the world I think that
                there is a lot of people still genuinely ignorant of
                palestinian/Israeli issue.
                If you say you understand then you obiviously dont know whats really going on, no one does.

                With regard to publically lampooning a politician for example. A carefully worded phone call from a high ranking offical generally does enough to scare an editor to refrain
                from putting in any images that might cause embarrasment.

                The press in other countries have had to deal with the islamic cartoon issue on two fronts. One direct physical
                attacks by irrate muslims and Two politicians exerting
                pressure after Inams/clerics have complained that the press is giving islam a bad. Blatant pandering.

                A dutch comedian stated that he would have no problems with pissing on the bible in front of the camera, But pissing on the Koran, nah nah that would get you lynched.

                In Japan however, with the limited islamic influence it could be argued that it would be somewhat more difficult for any muslim cleric or local leader or to pressure media outlets or politicians into not printing cartoons.

                Thank anyone for the freedom of the press because you certainly cant thank Allah!
                Well at least not without an islamic edict.


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                  Found a gem in the paper a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, in Afhanistan, some militia group was burning the korans of a rival group. No international outcry.