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Article about IT in Asia....

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  • Article about IT in Asia....

    `I.T. Crunchtime`,00.html

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    Re: Article about IT in Asia....

    It is a load of s h i t
    white people can not get them
    in hongkong 15 years, 10 years it skills, unemployed 6 months.


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      Re: Article about IT in Asia....

      I wonder if you have any of the required language, managerial, personal or technical skills for working in a non-white country.

      Do you have past employer references?

      Having worked with and employed a few "white IT Professionals" in both Japanese and foreign trans-national companies, I would not want to repeat the experience. They might have known IT, but they had no concept of working with people, no sense of satisfying their customer, no tolerance of different cultures, little idea of service, and tons of colonial arrogance.

      Asians have now understand "F I L T H" - Failed In London Tried HongKong!

      "Tired of Whiners"


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        Re: Article about IT in Asia....

        There does seem to be a lack of respect for others. Getting on with others is a skill that`s not as easy to get to grips with. Technical skills are learnt but people skills are acquired over long periods-in some folks at least!

        I`ve heard many, many bad things about Asia and it`s people. But I`ve experienced nothing but decency from the people I`ve met. Thailand, Hong Kong and now Japan. No problems. There must be something wrong with me? All I do is show respect for people and their culture.

        To quote someone, somewhere: You attract to yourself exactly what you give out.

        There are bad people, but compared to the hate groups in Europe/US and even the Middle-East, Asia`s paradise.


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          Re: Article about IT in Asia....

          The reason companies can't find I.T. workers is because they are looking for very specific skills. Not just one skill, but a combination of skills and knowledge and experience. They don't want to take a capable person and train them, they just want to find someone who can do it NOW. Even if you have some of the skills and could learn the others, they won't invest in you. They want to find somebody they can use right away. That's what companies do, they USE you. They don't care about you. Somehow they think they can find this perfect candidate and woo her with big salaries. It usually takes companies longer to fill a position than it would to just train someone they already have. They think they need to get just the right person because they can't do it themselves. After all, if they can't do it, then the person who can must be really smart, and is not already working for their company.
          C'mon! Wake up IT industry! Start training and retaining. Quit wasting time looking for the perfect candidate. Go to McDonald's, grab a kid, and train him. Give a guy a chance! Don't waste money on recruiters. There is no shortage of good candidates. There's only a shortage of perfect candidates.
          If there was a real shortage, i.e. not a self-inflicted shortage, all of us with degrees in a computer-related discipline would be able to get an IT job in Asia within one week.


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            Re: Article about IT in Asia....

            hEY mR. tired, How can that be when I have lived and worked in ASIA for the past TWENTY years?
            INCLUDING 5 years in JAPAN


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              Re: Article about IT in Asia....

              Hey Old Man (or is it load of @!#$ today?)

              Why do you not channel some of your obvious bitterness into improving your interpersonal skills, instead of spraying negative comments around this forum like a dog on a lampost? If you do not like being here, get out! Or is there no other place that will employ you?

              There may be other reasons besides your age that you were turned down, and from your petty whinings, and negative postings, it seems the recruiters must have picked up on your personality.

              It seems you have been in Asia for 20 years and learned nothing, have no self-respect, and are an extreme example of the US "Give me or I'll sue" mentality. The world owes you nothing. You have to do it yourself.

              I (Ms.) have also been in Asia 25+ years, including over 12 years in Japan, have lost a job due to age in restructuring of a company, but instead of whining and complaining, I focused on my core skills, used my old contacts, and am now successfully working again, and am happier than before.

              Why can't you do the same?

              Tired of whiners (Ms.)


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                Re: Article about IT in Asia....

                Don`t wish to invite controversy, but he may be English!!!!


                Well, There seems to be an air of defeatism about him. In contrast to the many Americans/Auzzies/Kiwis/Canadians I`ve met who are so full of life. I just can`t imagine say, an Australian blaming someone else for his (bad) situation.

                In the UK, (some) things just don`t work. The transport system, especially in London, is lousy, the Health service has to import nurses from the Commonwealth, including poor countries like Nigeria/South Africa/Jamaica. Even from outside the Commonwealth, like the Philippines! No ideas on how to get things done. Just accept everything and be negative.

                Teachers are being tempted from other countries as well. All because of the expense of living in London.

                Lack of enthusiasm over there for most things apart from endless TV soap operas.

                Ah well, second best,...again!!!! Never used to be like that though.

                Like I said, don`t wish to start a `war of words` but these are MY opinions. Just my theory. No disrespect to the other Brits who get on with it.


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                  Re: Article about IT in Asia....

                  No, he's American. Brits do not know how to sue!

                  His alphabet diarrhoea and negative attitude is all over this forum, if you look at some of the other postings.

                  Wonder if he has a life outside of this "phorum"?

                  But also wonder just how many Filipina nurses are working in the United States now, keeping their Health Service going, and doing all the dirty jobs that the over-qualified American nurses with their MBAs and PhDs refuse to do. There can be very few left in Manila nowadays. All of them working in the Middle East try for the CGFNS, and then their green card.

                  And like the whiners who do not have to live in Japan, you do not have to live in London. It's a sh*thole anyway. Eurotrash finance empires struggling with colonial memories, politicians spin doctoring their bigoted comments into global statesmanship (a sort of Photoshop for words), hooligans kicking each others' balls on and off the pitch, the worst food in the most over-rated hotels, tabloids for the mindless, TV for those who can't read, and Aussie soaps for those who can't think. Ah the list goes on....

                  But, life is what you make it.

                  And I make mine here.

                  And I happy, and a Brit! :-)


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                    Re: Article about IT in Asia....

                    He can always go and live in London. Whiners central! He`s got the right attitude. Lots of IT jobs still going. But rents are astronomical, the tubes are no good plus after you get tax taken out of what they call good UK wages, and you pay your council; tax, TV licence, you will not be able to enjoy your life as you`ll be skint.

                    Just as well, you`d get mugged if you ventured into the West End!

                    If he can`t get IT work in HK, then accept something else in the mean time. Or return to the US!

                    Oh dear! this forum`s becoming quite a hotbed after the original posting. What an article can do!


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                      Re: Article about IT in Asia....

                      Thank you for your negative post. I am a perm. resident of HK and have been here 18 years and in Japan 5 before that.

                      I suppose in your twisted logic you would suggest to an american who happened to be born in china but is now a US citizen to "go back to china" because he happened to be unemployed through no fault of his own and was refused new work due to racial dicrimination.

                      And fyi, there is no sonething else kind of work to be had for whites now.

                      Have you sent in yout annual KKK dues yet?


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                        Re: Article about IT in Asia....

                        I`ve put the link of this page in an email to the editor of that magazine, Asiaweek.

                        Hopefully they can do a feature on your accusations.