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Bosozoku and Loud Politicians

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  • Bosozoku and Loud Politicians

    Ever get really annoyed by bosozoku and politicians? Funny stuff...

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    Re: Bosozoku and Loud Politicians

    That was great!


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      Re: Bosozoku and Loud Politicians

      Yes that was a good site, I am so tired of serious boring sites like japantoday and metropolis

      what a nice change of pace..


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        Re: Telling butter from margarine

        Even assuming that this is a good site, do you imagine that anyone is taken-in by this multiple posting and blatant self-promotion? In the last week any number of people who have never posted before have appeared to proclaim or confirm the wonders of this site. Rather a blunt instrument, hmm?


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          To zone 81 spammers

          Dont you know that dissing the compertition when they are obviously better that the crap that you makes you look like total envious amateurs?'

          Keep on spamming!


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            Re: Bosozoku and Loud Politicians

            Regarding bosozokus here in Japan, did you know there is a movement to start referring them as 'chin-sou-dan' icj.@Get your native Japanese pals to translate it for you, but the change has been aimed to smother the 'rogue' image to more of a 'clown' hopes that kids will think it is no longer 'kewl' to become a 'chin-sou-dan', but rather a shameful decision.
            The other day I saw a group of chin-sou-dans, all riding 50cc scooters, without helmets, two 'clowns' per scooter, the one riding on the back shouldering one bat with one hand, dragging with the other hand another bat on the road emitting sparks, all on their way to their next performance.... I see them as native terrorists...but I don't see the country doing anything about it...The police only chase after them at a safe distance, to prevent any injury that may result from a hot pursuit....
            But just as much as these 'clowns' preform their acts, I see those opposing them clowning about too...Is life one big circus act? The government?? I see the parliament as the country's biggest circus, with the best clown acts available.
            Living where there are many climbing roads, I am harassed by bicycles with defunct brakes, squeeking at pitches enough to break your eardrums, as they descend the hill. Yet these folks are oblivious to their acts, throwing their cigarette butts on the ground, on their way to another 'exciting' day at work...starting from 6am in the morning....

            Klowning around in Japan, have a nice day


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              Re: Bosozoku and Loud Politicians

              I live in Himeji, where there are a lot of motorbike riding yankis around terrorizing people. Last month whileI was walking home along the main street, one of them rode his bike onto the crowded sidewalk, revving his engine and forcing everyone to get out of his way, including a lot of elderly folks.
              The police in this town are a complete joke. I see dozens of them out every day uselessly directing traffic on little used streets that have perfectly operational traffic lights and crosswalks, but whenever one of these creeps on a bike goes racing by the cops are nowhere to be seen.


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                Re: Bosozoku and Loud Politicians

                'Chin-sou-dan' were also recently 'glamorized' in a music video....can't remember the exact artists...Weezer maybe? Doesn't help much either to evaporate them out of Japanese society....