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Otaru Onsen lawsuit victory

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  • Otaru Onsen lawsuit victory

    Congratulations to Arudou Debito. 3 million yen awarded for the Otaru onsen refusing him entry based on his skin colour. A triumph for Humanity. Although it may be a token victory at least it was seen on television. And as we all know, Japanese people generally live their lives vicariously through the exploits of others through television. Awareness of despicable racism in their own backyard must have been increased no?

    An "Eye over Springfield" piece is in the works...

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    Re: Otaru Onsen lawsuit victory

    For more info and comment, try Japan Today. There is already an active discussion there ( - about 60 posts already.
    Some interesting views


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      Re: Otaru Onsen lawsuit victory

      GO, DAVID!!

      Racism sucks, no matter where, when or how it's practiced. Japan needs to come out of the dark ages already!


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        Re: Otaru Onsen lawsuit victory

        Now this is momentous news for gaijin in Japan. Congratulations.


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          Re: Otaru Onsen lawsuit victory

          I'll have to agree. Racism exists everywhere (even in the UK, and we let anyone in) but decreed racism or racism in writing on a wall is inexcusable.

          Japan absolutely has to come out of the dark ages there.